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"There are many ways to get a deep feeling that we are contributing . . . Intense situations (personal struggles) provide opportunities for us to be our best" - Michael L. Ray


"I believe to be a happy, well-adjusted person with great relationships we need to push ourselves beyond our comfort, to evolve as a person first, and it's very valuable to have support while doing so." - Richard W. Anton 


"Life is about changing, growing, and evolving personally.

Feel proud of utilizing the psychological process regardless of your specific struggle . . ."



You may be hurting now, but soon you'll think . . .

Who knew I could feel so good?


Feel connected, happy, focused, free, in control & calm Introversion, grief, hypnosis, addiction, meditation, anger - Get your relationships & automatic thoughts working for you


Be the person you want to be - work on & improve your relationships!


Calgary locations: Crowfoot, Downtown, MacLeod Tr & Lwr Mount Royal 



     Join the move toward a happier, healthier life. Visit your Psychologist,

     a friendly face. A 1-hour session can assist you to feel empowered and

     in control. 3 different Psychologists. 4 convenient Calgary locations.



Choose one of our Calgary Counseling Psychologists & a convenient location  

Our desire to better ourselves and develop our natural gifts

is what makes us all distinctly human - Jim Afremow, PhD


The Modern Tradition

The Power of Being Understood

Confidential Service, Convenient Locations,

Professional Atmosphere & Effective Process

Thank you - we respect and appreciate your trust in us


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Working with a Psychologist has become a critical component of our monthly routine for many of us. As Licensed Psychologists & Coaches, we provide a full set of services that can be customized for your needs: Supportive counseling, hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Executive Leadership Coaching for personal and professional development - including strengths-focused assessments, as well as Management Consultations and Anton's Corporate Enhancement (EAP) for organizations. / privacy / refund policy / terms & conditions | Calgary Counseling Psychologists | Emotional Intelligence Calgary | Introversion Calgary | Anger Management Calgary | Business Psychology Calgary |

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