Anger is Your business

Enhance your relationships, improve communication, conflict resolution

style, teambuilding abilities, and your competitive advantage


Advantage II

With a primary focus on replacing old habits with a ritual of visualizing & practicing optimal performance, 2 strength-based assessments will assist you to understand the details of your strengths and weaknesses - anger management insights. You can add more strength-based assessments later, if desired. Your Executive coach will encourage you to practice your strengths, highlighted by these assessments. Recognize them as a badge of honor. But you must also focus on eliminating potential errors related to anger-infected actions. Consult with your tax accountant, as Executive Coaching may be considered as a tax deduction for the self-employed.


12 one-to-one Anger Management Coaching sessions (one every other week or so), integrate the results of your first 2 Strength-based Assessments into ongoing discussions, so you can easily put yourself into a focused state of strength - your flow zone! You can add more sessions later if desired. 


Sessions scheduled according to your availability.  Receive associated support material in the form of session summaries, reminders of your strengths, executive summaries, charts, extra articles of interest, etc. e-mailed to your private inbox.


12-Phase "Anger Control" Protocol


12 In-depth Interviews - minimum


1.  Explain your position, be listened to, feel understood 

2.  Experience professional support, leverage your focus & get noticed more positively

3.  Put a fine point on your life direction & bolster your self-confidence

4.  Dovetail your customized leadership strategy with your "Anger Control" development plan


Executive Summaries, quotes, relevant book excerpts, etc.

1.  Inspiration sent to your private e-mail


2 Strengths-based assessments - minimum

1.  Provide you with information: 10 - 30 page reports - refer back to them again & again

2.  Provide you with detailed analysis, keener awareness & knowledge of how to enhance your personal & professional strengths 

3.  Illuminate potential vulnerabilities or personal development opportunities - giving you both inner & outer alignment - minimize errors 


CPR - Communication, Personal Focus, Relationships

1.  Introduction

    • Your "Anger" baseline & Extreme Self-Care

2.  Vision

    • Communication
    • You Position/Style
    • Personal Focus
    • Focus Right (strengths & values lead to quality decisions), not on anger
    • Relationships
    • "Between Dynamics"
    • Assist Others - it is critical to think outside yourself

3.  Conclusion

    • Replace old "angry habits" by creating your leadership campaign


Ruthless feedback & brain storming on

1.  Successfully integrating your strengths & values - wearing them like a badge of honor

2.  Utilizing your strengths more frequently in your daily life

3.  Attenuating to "Anger Triggers," weaknesses & capitalizing on personal growth opportunities


Prepare yourself for the change you want


 "Anger Control" Protocol may be preceded by

several individual coaching sessions


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