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Happiness includes feelings of satisfaction, contentment 

and the ability to enjoy the many aspects of one’s life.

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Happiness Questions

Same sensitive process that you'd expect in a counselling session, plus, illuminating feedback from a variety of well-researched Psychological assessments. Utilize feedback to become more knowledgable about your own strengths. Gain insight into others' thoughts & behaviors. Fine-tune your timing and sharpen your emotional acuity.


Read this article in the New Yorker

What Personality Tests Really Deliver


Advantage I (click hereemotional intelligence assessment + 6 sessions;

* Advantage II (click here) highlights anger management insights + 12 sessions;

* Coupled Advantages (click here) highlights couple's strengths + 6 sessions;

* Advantage III (click here) highlights leadership legends + 24 sessions;

* Unlimited Access (click here) 1 year time-line OR 365 consecutive days. 


Coaching provides you with a hint more structure than you receive in typical counselling sessions. Primarily, psychological strengths-focused assessments assist you to immediately improve your emotional intelligence, your leadership, your relationship, or to feel more in control when you're angry. Bring your concerns, and let's talk. You're not alone.



"To become stronger or more skillful in anything, we have to

commit to continual training and practice." Sam Parker


Personal & professional development is interdependent with experience, psychological make up, learning readiness, and an ability to reflect on one’s psychology, including energy patterns from the unconscious. The following "coaching advantages" are designed around you and several  "strenghts-focused" psychological assessments" that provide you with significant clarity on your natural strengths.


Your coach will encourage you toward the confident application of these newly clarified strengths to your day-to-day life,  morning, noon, and night. This type of practice will immediately enhance your effectiveness. Coaching will also allow you an opportunity to examine yourself, your personal effectiveness, your leadership style and all of its contributions and potential limitations. And while learning about yourself in new ways, you also learn about others and develop insights for working with people, like yourself and unlike you, too. 


"An important part of the knowledge you need to develop as a leader, is self knowledge. Daniel Goleman considers it an essential part of emotional intelligence. You are unlikely to develop an authentic leadership voice if one of your blind spots is you." Terry R. Bacon author of Elements of Power


"To become a leader then, you must become yourself, become the maker of your own life. But until you come to truly know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in any but the most superficial sense of the word." Warren Bennis / privacy / refund policy / terms & conditions 
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