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always working then drinking as a reward


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Those things we do in life to fill up our existence and create pleasure and happiness should only be considered an addiction if and when they cause negative effects to ourselves or to others and subsequently only when we find that we are unable to stop or withold our own involvement with them.


On the other hand, there are activities, such as running, golf, tennis, working out at a gym, that we easily understand as being good for us, and healthy.  These activities can be difficult to initiate or to sustain for any length of time in order to be beneficial.  So, there must be something, some type of motivation that keeps us going until we get past the difficult part - until they become habitual.


Once we have developed a healthy habit however, hormones such as dopamine and seretonine kick in and we naturally, start feeling happy and glad that we had what it took to persevere. Eventually, we'll find that we've cultivated a new, positive, healthy habit; and we feel proud of our ability, our drive, and our newest accomplishment. But do not fool yourself, giving up an old bad habit that previously brought us pleasure, will provide us with the need to grieve. Plus, these old habit always have a way of calling to us again, yearning to be satisfied. The struggle never really ends.


If you are struggling with any sort of addiction and would like additional support, I am always available to talk. 


"It is bettter to know the patient who has the disease

than it is to know the disease which the patient has."
Hippocrates (460 BC - 377 BC)


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* As Licensed Psychologists & Coaches, we provide a full set of services that can be customized for your needs: Counseling and Hypnotherapy for those with emotional, physical and interpersonal concerns, Life Coaching and Executive Leadership Coaching for personal and professional development, and Management Consultations and Anton's Employee Assistance Program for organizations. / privacy / refund policy / terms & conditions
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