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Anger Advantage II

Ignoring the problem situation is a common enough tactic. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work very well. Eliminate potential errors related to anger-infected actions by learning about your under-utilized strengths. A primary focus is on replacing old habits with recognizing & practicing your strengths in the previously infected areas. Your newly enhanced skill-set will lead you to optimal performance, compassionate communication, and excellent relationships. It isn't easy, but with ongoing coaching and continuously refocusing onto your strengths, improvements can be made.


Two psychological assessments (anger assessment plus 1 strengths-focused assessment) will assist you to understand the details of your strengths and weaknesses - anger advantage. Your Executive coach will encourage you to replace and practice your anger with strengths. You'll recognize your new skills as a badge of honor. 


12 one-to-one Anger Advantage Coaching sessions (weekly sessions depending on your schedule). integrate the results of your assessments into ongoing discussions. Review your strengths and focus your mind-set prior to any important meetings or events, professional or personal. Visualize and put yourself into a focused state of strength - your flow zone! 


Receive periodic associated support material in the form of your own Strengths Dashboard.


The most simple and straightforward avenue ahead may be through this Advantage. This is my suggestion for moving forward. You can find a brief description of various coaching protocols with costs here.


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