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Keep an anger journal. If you feel that you’re getting angry pretty regularly, it might help to keep track of the situations that anger you. You can track the degree to which they anger you, and what else was happening at the time. You can also keep track of how you react when you’re angry, as well as how other people react to your anger. Think about the following questions when keeping an anger journal:


  • What provoked the anger?
  • Rate your anger.
  • What thoughts occurred as you got angry?
  • How did you react? How did others react to you?
  • What was your mood right before it happened?
  • What symptoms of anger did you feel in your body?
  • How did you react? Did you want to leave, or act out (such as bang the door or hit something or someone), or did you say something sarcastic?
  • What were your emotions immediately after the incident?
  • What were your feelings a few hours after the episode?
  • Was the episode resolved?
  • Keeping track of this information will help you learn what situations and triggers you have to your anger. Then you can work to avoid those situations when possible, or predict when these situations occur if they are unavoidable. It will also help you track the progress you make at handling situations that anger you.
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