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Anger Management

Start with the first lesson and work at your own pace. You’ll advance to the next lesson after successfully achieving a score of 80% or higher on each lesson’s quiz. Once you complete the needed number of lessons, you can purchase your completion certificate.


Court Approval Steps:

If you are court mandated to complete a course, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • If it’s not already clear, ask the court how many hours or weeks of the course you are expected to complete.
  • We recommend that you provide your attorney, probation officer, judge, or other court official with the enrollment letter for the course before you begin learning. Ask them to approve the course and file the enrollment letter in your court file.
  • Be sure to finish the course before your court date. If you need a hard copy of the certificate mailed to you, be sure to complete the course in advance to allow time for shipping. (If you don’t need a hard copy, you will immediately be able to download a digital certificate upon payment.)

Enrollment Letter:

A Proof of Enrollment provided by Open Path to prove your intentions of completing our lessons.

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Completion Certificates:

If you require a certificate to prove you have completed a course with Open Path, you will purchase it at the end of the course. Each course lesson is equivalent to one hour or one week of class. Once you have purchased the certificate, you will be able to download or email yourself a digital copy of the certificate from this page.

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Have a certificate mailed to you:

If you need a hard copy of your certificate, we can mail a copy to you (or a third party) for an additional fee. Please be sure to complete your course and purchase your certificate in advance of the date you require the certificate for court. We currently offer shipping via First-Class Mail and Priority Mail for United States based clients. We offer shipping via First-Class Mail for all international clients.

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