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Growing your company and retaining valued employees is a top priority! Therefore, provide them with the best support available. Anton's ACE Program utilizes (completely administered and operated by Psychologists) work-flow automation to provide you with access to 1) fully licensed Psychologists; 2) confidential on-line appointment scheduling; and 3) 24/7 access to appointment scheduling through our receptionist.


When your employees really need support, count on Anton Counseling & Health Psychology's ACE program to deliver. Avoid putting your employees through a "discouraging process," just so that your partner company can improve their bottom line.


Anton's Value Proposition - We aim at infusing a leadership orientation into every employee. Together, we will assist your organization in increasing employee productivity and simultaneously demonstrate caring for your emplyoyees. We can also assist with employee development, particularly helping to increase EI (Emotional Intelligence), which is necessary for all leadership positions.


We can provide a high touch approach, that will increase your utilization rate and improve your ROI. 


Our Fundamentals: supporting, encouraging, enhancing employee engagement, and enabling employees to perform at their best. 

 Calgary Psychologists 

We provide individual counseling sessions for employees, Executive or Leadership Coaching for management and all other high-potential employees, as well as team building for all levels of your organization. Management information from Anton's EAP will assist you to identify hotspots, while maintaining confidentiality. 


I look forward to providing you and your organization with the kind of support that will really make a difference to employee satisfaction and to your bottom line. Anton's EAP – a low cost, high-value investment.


Our focus is on providing support, counseling, encouragement and inspiration to smaller companies of around 25 employees. For a flat annual rate of only $2795.00, we deliver an annual report, stating only the number of employees who used the counseling services and their number of visits, without any personally identifying details. Confidentiality is critical. 


It can be challenging to find and select an EAP.  Arrange for us to provide you with a formal presentation.  We're happy to do it. / privacy / refund policy / terms & conditions


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