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Invest in a Psychologist. Why? You may or may not be aware that there is a social movement afoot. More and more employees are searching for work and a culture that speaks to what they really value. Obviously financial remuneration hasn't gone away. However, corporate citizens of today also need and want to be provided with "meaningful" work, to feel your "appreciation," and "connectedness."


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Few companies these days have a great reputation. When they do, it's not by accident. "Great people equal great results," someone once said. But how does your organization assist and support your people to get there and stay there? We work with organizations who really care about their employees. "Cultivate your people and others will envy your company" is more than just a great motto. When you think about Employee Assistance - think locally - think Anton Corporate Enhancement. Working together, you, your employees & your company benefit. Our focus is  how to make people and organisations more effective.


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According to a newly released study of over 1,700 CEOs from around the globe, human capital was cited as the most important factor in maintaining competitive advantage. Leading Through Connections: The IBM 2012 Chief Executive Officer Study


If you represent an organization who really cares about it's employees and their community, Anton Counseling & Health Psychology would like to initiate a supportive and encouraging relationship with you and your employees. Let's cultivate an alliance and forge true value.  Anton Counseling & Health Psychology provides support to your business and your human resource department. For organizations with the smallest local foot print here in Calgary, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity.


Anton Advantage: Our business structure may just be a great fit for you and your organization. We have several Psychologists and locations around Calgary and that means convenience for you and your employees. The simplest financial arrangement we have for you: Once an agreement is in place, whenever you refer one of your employees for psychological counseling, we can simply invoice your company at the completion of their sessions at our regular hourly rate of $175.00 per session, up to a maximum number of predetermined sessions. For more substantial agreements or if you prefer something far less cumbersome, just let us know your preference and we will accommodate you if we can.


Naturally, we are attracted to the notion of representing your company interests in maintaining and enhancing the psychological well-being of your employees. You'll be able to simply count on us to take care of supporting your employees whenever you decide to refer one of them to us for psychological counseling. 


Jeff Christie, global EAP Manager for oil field giant Halliburton in Houston, said employee assistance programs are essential to companies large and small.........“Savvy employers recognize that their people have problems. That’s part of living life.”

Anton Corporate Enhancement (ACE)


Anton's Corporate Enhancement is a customizable program that infuses leadership concepts into every employee session.  It allows your employees and eligible family members to access a licensed psychologist for up to seven visits (eg of services pre-paid by your organization). We are also equipped to deliver presentations, facilitate workshops in the workplace, and to talk with employees and managers during layoffs, mergers and aquisitions.


Anton Advantage: We are a small organization of Psychologists, providing psychological services. As a result of our size, we're nimble. Among our big advantages is the fact that we have a great ability to be cooperative and generate ideas - that's creativity that leads to innovation. We stand for change and cultural evolution. Our purpose is to assist our clients to do the same, because we believe that "to survive, we need to adapt." 

Richard W. Anton, M.A.,B.A., Dip Ed.


Our focus is on providing support, counseling, encouragement and inspiration to companies and their employees. For a flat annual rate of $3675.00 (per 25 covered employees), we deliver an annual report, stating only the number of employees who used the counseling services and their number of visits, without any personally identifying details. Confidentiality is crucial. 


Anton Wellness


It can be challenging to replace your EAP.  Arrange for us to provide you with a formal presentation.  We're happy to do it.


Why use Anton Corporate Enhaancement as one of your management tools?

Our program is a confidential source of guidance and information for employees:

  • Provides encouragement and support to your employees during difficult situations
  • Addresses seemingly small issues before they become larger problems
  • Shows compassion and caring for your employees
  • Develops a plan to deal with employee performance issues
  • Saves valuable time by providing solutions to a wide array of employee issues
  • Intervenes on issues which interfere with workplace performance
  • Generates a more engaged, satisfied and productive workforce
  • We aim at infusing a leadership orientation into every employee


 Examples of job performance issues that Anton Corporate Enhancement helps to address:

  • Reduced productivity or work quality
  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Unprofessional and/or disruptive behavior
  • Concentration and decision-making problems
  • Erratic work habits
  • Concerns about possible substance use
  • Interpersonal conflicts; confrontations with coworkers and/or customers
  • Violence at home or at work, including threats of suicide or workplace violence


Calgary Psychologists


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology specializes in serving small sized businesses and is ideal for companies who don't have the time or background to handle these and other related functions. Our business model is to deliver outstanding service, and forge real value for individual clients and their organization.  We are committed to building lifelong relationships with clients based on honesty, creativity, credibility, inspiration, and results-oriented service. 


Documented outcome example: An Abbott Laboratories study reported a 6 to 1 return on dollars spent for the EAP, and noted that the average employee who utilized the EAP spends $10,000.00 less for inpatient medical costs than non-EAP clients over a three-year period.


Bottom line: This adds up to a more  competitive workplace. We aim to increase employee satisfaction, effectiveness and retention. 


Read about other outcome examples


       •     Preventing or reducing workplace illness
       •     A Positive Return on Investment


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