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You own your own business. You are trying to establish your business. You think that owning your own business is in your future. Your mind dwells here and you want to strengthen your mind. Ensure that you are thinking clearly so that you make only the best decisions. Get yourself a business coach. Talking with someone with empathy, who understands you and has a creative sense of curiosity just makes sense. Just book your first appointment here to get started. 


I have worked with other entrepreneurs and have learned well from them. The way they think just makes sense to me. I admire the determination and the fierce independence that it takes to be happy and succeed. Consider taking a few individual sessions with me to establish for yourself what the next year or two might feel like. Then make your decision.



Are you considering "how can I improve the quality" of my business and my life? Consider giving yourself an hour once every week to reflect on just this type of interest. Consider a "sacred" meeting with a Leadership Coach that asks you to talk openly in a confidential environment.

I am trained and educated as an Executive Coach and licensed as a Psychologist. I offer a uniquely creative experience for you to enjoy and benefit from every week for an hour. Our conversations will feel energizing and may revitalize you. I will ask you questions that will be entirely different than you are accustomed to hearing, and we can discuss psychological strengths focused assessments as well. Together, innovative solutions are inevitable. - Richard W. Anton MA, BA, DipEd


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