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Communication in certain contexts refers to interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. Since conflict is inevitable it is essential to learn how to difuse it. Also, since we don't want to be in a continuous state of conflict we should know how to have healthy dialogue with others. This approach potentially reduces conflict from beginning.


Initiating a discussion with your ears rather than your lips is a great way of assertively setting yourself on the best trajectory for a successful dialogue. This means to be prepared to actively listen and to learn. Consider what millions of others already know and consult your Psychologist.


Communication is also an integral component of leadership. Meaningful influence - assisting others to become more intimately aware of what is important to them - is also an essential component of both communication and leadership. Influencing others through the act of setting a great example is a sound first step in demonstrating your own credibility, thus providing others with a valuable reason for listening and following.


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While the concepts of influence and reciprocity may strike some people as overly deliberate, the reality is that the greater good of "life" deserves great deliberateness. When I was twenty and supervising people who had more skill, experience, and knowledge than me, I learned that supervision isn’t about being in charge (which was the image that I grew up believing). Instead, supervision is about helping "others" make "life" the best place it can be. And that’s what influence is for — achieving shared goals. - Jenn Bender

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