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"Not just everyday concerns" require

"not just everyday attention"


Join the move to a world of recovery. Join the world of healing. Join the world of personal and professional development for all and for every culture. "Take one session at a time or take part in "A Happier Healthier You" - Richard  W. Anton MA, BA, Dip Ed 


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"To become stronger and more skillful in anything, we have to 

commit to continual training and practice." - Sam Parker


Multicultural Counseling

"Even though I am now 60 and a senior Psychologist, there have been times when I've just felt lost, uncertain about what I'm doing or even what I should be doing." "At other times, I have felt inspired to assist everyone, including myself, to become the best people we can become."


It's natural to feel up at times and then to feel down at other times. These are simply rhythms of nature. Whether we like it or not, even the strangest, most negative types of psychological experiences, in our thoughts, feelings and dreams are usually normal. These dreams, feelings and thoughts can be disturbing and at the same time, they can also inform us about the "goings on" in our lives. So they have potential value. They help us to become aware of our positions regarding various topics and issues. If you're feeling stuck  or stymied consider consulting your Psychologist.


I have experience working with individuals who reported to me that the changes they'd made while working together were remarkable. They admitted that others had noticed too and asked if they could get an appointment to talk with me? If you are concerned about stress or anxiety, a difficult work environment, or just want to change your ability to reframe your thoughts and refocus on the positive in life, DO NOT wait, schedule an appointment to talk, by clicking here.


Life is about changing, learning, and evolving  Telephone Coaching


I am inserting many therapeutic questions for you to consider. Answer all of them or as many of them as you'd like. Answer all of the questions which resonate with you on an emotional level.


consider this question


If we really care about our emotional health or the quality of our life, we might also consider the value of both new and chronic emotional information, when making decisions. The real challenge, when we're feeling out of sorts - as always - is not to eliminate difficult emotions from our lives, but to find ways back to our preferred psychological states. Richard W. Anton M.A., B.A., Dip Ed


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Whether you're looking for specific strategies to deal with a particular issue, or you want support in exploring options for improving your happiness and direction in life, psychologically-based counseling may just be the approach that helps. Deeper meaning and greater confidence really can be yours.


We're counseling specialists skilled in many different approaches and can help you learn the right tools to deal with the challenges you're facing right now.


We provide a safe & understanding environment for self-exploration. We'll work with you to address the issues that interfere with you being your best self and experiencing peace of mind. Keeping your troubles to yourself can make them feel unmanageable. Sharing them allows you to work through them and move forward. Does therapy work? The evidence shows that it does.

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Here's a brief outline of the process:

  • Tell your story
    • Acknowledge & Understnad how you are unique
    • Feel heard, understood and supported
    • Find yourself talking about things you normally don't discuss


  • Practice extreme self-care
    • How you think, feel & care for yourself
    • Increase your confidence and creativity
    • Feel energized within your comfort zone


  • Discover your hidden strengths
    • Rethink who you are & the meaning of your life
    • Uncover and explore your core values
    • Wear your strengths like a badge of honor
    • Live in your "flow zone"

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Below are some common areas of focus for counseling, but your unique needs will dictate what you want to work on.

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Relationship sessions
  • Addiction
  • Communication skills
  • Work-related issues
  • Immigration-related issues
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Assertiveness training
  • Work Life Balance
  • Insomnia or Sleep Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Chronic Pain or Illness
  • Adoption
  • Anxiety and Fears
  • Death of a loved one/loss
  • Trauma and PTSD 


Other potential areas of focus for counseling are listed here.




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