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Coupled Advantages

Focus - on the right thing at the right time. This is essential to successful, harmonious interaction. Improved self-awareness, sharpening your personal decision-making style and enhancing your interpersonal patterns, will give you greater potential control over how, when and in what ways you express your strengths and when and in what ways you express your concerns.


The purpose of the following 6-session protocol is to target your interpersonal strengths and provide you the opportunity to effectively aim your efforts toward the quality of future that you really desire. This will be the first step in improving your ability to communicate effectively under pressure and create more adaptive patterns of interacting with one another. "The first mistakes we make under pressure situations, is decision-making." 


This Advantage will provide you with one strengths-focused psychological assessment each plus six sessions to integrate this information into your life situation. The assessment will illuminate - among other things - your:


  1. critical strengths
  2. leadership style
  3. developmental potential


The most simple and straightforward avenue ahead may be through this Advantage. This is my suggestion for moving forward. You can find a brief description of various coaching protocols with costs here.


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