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We need to stay busy. We need to maintain our engagement in life. I'm not suggesting a focus on avoiding the reality that is there, rather to manage ourselves as part of the process. There is way too much available information in life for anyone of us to  grasp all of it, therefore we should be highly selective about what we allow ourselves to focus on and let dwell within our minds. Too many of us have a highly negatively skewed focus. That is we dwell on all things negative and negate anything positive. That is a major contributer to feelings of depression.


I don't know about you, but sometimes for no apparent reason I feel uncertain and lack confidence in my own thoughts. I find myself wondering "Is there something wrong with my brain, my thinking? Am I broken somehow?" Consider what millions of others already know and consult your Psychologist.


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Now days, these types of negative thoughts do not last long, like they did in the past. I have practiced and put in much effort over the years to become aware of and catch myself thinking in this manner and take action. They no longer cause me to panic and make myself feel even worse. I stay as calm as I can. I know, through my own experience, that these things will pass. 


It feels awful in the moment, like passing through the eye of a needle, there is a great deal of pressure. But once through this experience, life is still great, perhaps better than I had realized prior to the event. But how do I get through it? I'll tell you one thing for certain. It's not sitting around waiting for it to pass. If I want more than just sad, angry, upsetting feelings for myself, I have to cultivate positive interests for myself.


  "We could never learn to be brave and patient

 if there were only joy in the world." 

Helen Keller


Although Helen Keller sets an incredibly strong and optimistic example for us all, preventative psychology suggests that many psychological and emotional problems don't become evident or cause other issues until they are in more advanced stages.  Examples inlude feeling overwhelmed, addictive behaviors (poor self regulation), infidelities, depression (inadequate self generation).


Regular semi-annual visits allow you and your psychologist to become aware of, analyze and strategize around problem opportunities, long before they cause you to feel stuck or to feel overwhelmed.


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