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Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life

Scott E. Spradlin, MA.

When we are regularly undone by our emotions, we become victims of damaged relationships, trapped circumstances, self-sabotage, and illness. In this breakthrough new workbook, a psychologist who has had amazing results treating patients with emotional problems, helps all of us gain the upper hand on our feelings and our lives. Many of us know the helpless predicament of losing control of our emotions. We may not be clinically "crazy" but instead "high reactors," experiencing overpowering feelings that knock us off balance, plunge us into depression, make us fly off the handle, or terrify us without warning. 

We can anticipate, understand, avoid and replace these "high reactions" by applying the methods of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is an eclectic mix of cognitive-behavioral techniques, skills training, Zen, and existentialism, that has been honed for the treatment of the highest reactors among us.

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