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Management Referral
X was not performing at work to their usual standard and their Line Manager heard that X was experiencing personal problems. X did not want to discuss the matter in detail with their Manager. After a brief discussion it was agreed that the Manager would arrange for an EAP counsellor to contact X to confidentially discuss the matter.
Y was struggling at home and at work following the death of a close relative. She was feeling depressed and inadequate. Counselling helped Y to come to terms with her feelings so that she could cope more effectively.
Team Relationships
X was finding it difficult to fit into the team. His self-confidence was low and communicating with his boss was a challenge. Support from an EAP counsellor enabled X to enhance his skills and be more proactive in talking about, and tackling, the concerns he had.
A combination of increased pressure at work and numerous demands at home had left V feeling drained and unable to cope. Work with the EAP counsellor on identifying and meeting his own needs and managing his lifestyle more effectively enabled V to feel more in control and to make some changes so that there was more balance in his life.
Re-organisations at work had left W feeling insecure. She was fearful of the future and felt that she might not be able to meet the new expectations. Through counselling W came to terms with the changes taking place, built her confidence, and started to tackle the new challenges positively.
Marital Difficulties
Z and his wife were finding it increasingly difficult to live together and were having frequent rows. Z was not concentrating at work and was worried about the effect of the rows on their children. Z had a couple of face to face counselling sessions and then persuaded his wife to come along to further sessions. The counselling enabled them to really listen to each other, to practice some new behaviours and to agree on an action plan.
X’s father died a month before X contacted the EAP provider. X was lined up with a bereavement counsellor close to his workplace and was given details on the same day he called. X presented as having difficulty functioning/concentrating in workplace. Used his 6 counselling sessions to gain an understanding of grief process and returned to work more focused.
Management Consultation / Referral 
The manager made contact to clarify the main issues concerning an employee involved in a complaint procedure. An initial plan of action was agreed, with a review in seven day’s time. During the second telephone contact it was established that the plan was progressing well. The manager expressed the opinion that the balance of specific input and listening had been extremely helpful in distilling the issues and enabling them to start to move forward in the investigation. The consultation also clarified that counselling would be made available to the employee if needed. The manager noted that tension was reducing and the threat of litigation was declining. The employee later accessed the EAP services.
X had a 3 year old child. She had separated from child’s father (not married). He had been having limited contact but has started to demand more. She was not happy to allow more contact because she feared it would disrupt the child’s routine. X was advised that generally unmarried fathers have no legal right except as agreed by mother, however he has a right to go to court to seek a contact order and/or parental responsibility. Advised her to see a solicitor if he does.
X was in rented accommodation for 12 months from June 2002. There was a condensation problem and the toilet leaked into the bedroom. She is asthmatic and had very severe attacks and had to be hospitalised. Environmental Health Officer (EHO) inspected property and produced a report. EHO and Shelter advised that if the situation was making her so ill she could leave. She gave Landlord notice and he had promised to get workmen out to fit an air brick but it was never done. He also promised to advertise the property but he did not so she left. He has threatened legal action for breach of contract. Advised to respond and say that if he does she will counterclaim for personal injury and her deposit back. Advised to see a personal injury solicitor for an indication of how much she can claim - she has hospital and employment records to use as evidence.
X received a needle-stick injury 5 weeks before contacting the EAP provider. She has been taking anti-HIV drugs that are making her tired. She is also having mood swings and partner has threatened to leave her. Counselling sessions helped her to tackle her anxiety regarding needle-stick injury by putting her concerns into perspective and teaching her relaxation techniques.
Management Consultation / Referral 
A manager wanted to discuss the best way to support an employee who would be returning to work following a traumatic event. The employee was concerned that colleagues would be asking a lot of questions. Through a telephone consultation it was suggested that the manager should get the employee to contact them and to agree a statement, which could be placed, on e-mail to colleagues before employee returns to work. The employee was very appreciative of this.
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