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If you really mean it,

start encouraging your employees



Registered Psychologist

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What Is Employee Assistance?

Employee Assistance is your work organization's best resource .....


EAPs offer employers promising returns, especially in tough times

Research shows that many employees with personal problems unintentionally bring their troubles to the workplace.


Employee Assistance Program Savings!

Employee assistance program savings can make a difference in your bottom line!

Survey Shows an Increase in EAP Utilization in Declining Economy

"Research consistently shows that EAP services have a positive return on investment.....for the best companies in North America, EAP is the smart investment."


 "The medium is the message"



Famous Canadian, Marshall McLuhan meant that....


Your organization is the medium for change!


Employees enter your front door as one type of person,

yet exist through the same door as different people!


What is happening to your employees while under your influence? 

Leadership is all about influencing your management and your organization's culture!


Please call me directly at 403-473-5953 

or contact the company receptionist 24/7 at 1-888-655-5495


Thank you,

Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Registered Psychologist, Executive Coach

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