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When the economy is contracting, organisations that keep their attention focused on their employees will be better positioned for recovery, according to findings from the 2010 Best Employers in Canada study, conducted by human resources consulting and outsourcing company, Hewitt Associates. According to the study, the 50 organisations that appear on the 2010 list of the Best Employers in Canada faced the same challenges confronting virtually all employers, yet managed to maintain high employee productivity and commitment to organisational success. Now that the economy is starting to recover and the demand for talent is increasing, these employers will be able to retain key people, thanks to their focus on sustaining and improving high employee engagement. The study also revealed that average employee engagement across all study participants is higher than it was a year ago - 69% versus 65%. The three behaviours used in the survey were: whether employees intend to stay; how positively they speak about their employers to others; and how motivated they are to go "above and beyond". If they respond positively to all three factors, they are seen as being engaged.

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