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"Healthy Habits: Total Conditioning for a Healthy Body & Mind"


"Healthy Habits: Total Conditioning for a Healthy Body & Mind" is a holistic program that combines several disciplines to bring the mind and body together in total fitness. It teaches you what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it teaches you how!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, psychology, nutrition, spirituality, behavior modification, exercise and stress management are uniquely blended to help you discover and break through underlying limited beliefs that may be keeping you from living a full and healthy life. Learn scientific techniques to shed and keep-off unwanted pounds. Make healthful food choices. Manage your emotions and develop an exercise ethic!

Assess your motivational level and commitment to making healthful changes. We will show you how to set workable, achievable goals.

Develop more awareness of when, where and how you eat. We encourage you to explore the hidden positive intentions behind your current problem behaviors and remove obstacles to your outcomes.

Acquire the habit of regular exercise. We tell you how to make exercise enjoyable so you'll WANT to do it.

Manage your stress. We acknowledge that many people eat when they are not hungry as a way of managing stress. We teach you excellent stress management strategies to eliminate emotional eating.

Seek peace of mind and body by examining the spiritual side of Healthy Habits. We will guide you to identify your gifts and talents to help you live your life as a healthy and whole person.

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