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Ideal Performance State & Peak Performance


Ideal Performance State


To perform at our best in sports and in life, we need to be challenged - not too much and not too little. We need our emotions to be balanced and focused, and we should maintain a detatched relationship to our ultimate goal. Sound impossible? It really isn't once you know how. Richard Anton


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The Ideal Performance State (IPS) in sports or Peak Performance for athletes is the optimal physiological and pyschological level of arousal measured by muscular tension, heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave patterns and breathing composure that results in peak performance. IPS is an important state to achieve for the endurance sports such as Running, Cycling and Swimming.  IPS maximizes genetic talent. The IPS exists for every athlete. When in IPS, the athlete experiences highly distinctive patterns of feelings and thoughts which enable top performance. IPS is similar to being in the “Flow”. IPS involves all levels of human existence: body, mind, emotions, spirit and creativity. IPS is reached by being in all of the following states:


  • Personally challenged
  • Energized with positive emotions
  • Ready for fun and enjoyment
  • Focused and alert
  • On automatic instinct
  • Relaxed and calm
  • Maintaining confidence


Consider getting "performance coaching" for yourself. Work with a Psychologist who can provide you with assessments that will bring out more of your best strengths,  regardless of where on the planet you reside.  Consult your Psychologist.


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Emotions play a key role in performance as they directly connect to arousal. Emotions are biochemical events in the brain that lead to powerful biochemical changes in the body that impact athletic performance. Empowering emotions are associated with drive, challenge, determination, persistence, fight, high energy, spirit and fun. Disempowering emotions are associated with anger, fear, temper, fatigue, helplessness, confusion, low energy.


Toughness is built with the discipline of maintaining empowering emotions under the most difficult and challenging circumstance.


IPS of calmness, awareness and focus create certain neurological arousal patterns within the brain. These brain patterns create a freedom that enables excellence. Researchers have found superior performers typically report an absence of conscious regulation of or “thinking” about performance. Also, psychological mechanisms are the foundation of expert psychomotor performance.


It's interesting to note that expert performers require less neural activation than novices for physical performance as they have developed psychomotor efficiency!


The connections between emotions and internal physical chemistry are direct. One impacts the other. Diet plays such a key role in achieving IPS. Low blood sugar and low adrenaline levels are diet related and often the result of insufficient and poor quality carbohydrate intake.

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