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Inside out for Financial Success thru Self-Hypnosis

Dr. Brian Alman

First things happen on the inside and then they happen on the outside. 

With the proper self-hypnosis approaches, you can feel happy, enthusiastic, positive, relaxed and confident, everyday! 

When you feel like this on the inside, financial abundance is not only possible but it’s inevitable. 

Let me explain… 

Without being in tune with yourself and tapping into your inner resources, you know from past experience that you feel stressed, discouraged, negative and doubting everyday. 

It’s not really either-or; it’s both. 

There are days you will feel more positive and days you will feel more negative. 

There are lots of reasons and triggers! 

Your challenge is not just staying positive but how do you move to the positive when you feel negative. 

In other words, how do you shift gears (internally) when you are stuck, stressed and feeling poor inside? 

How do you create financial abundance when your emotions are so up and down? 

How do you create financial abundance when you feel like you are your own worst enemy? 

Is it even possible for you to have a lifetime of financial abundance when it’s not easy to stay positive for 10 days in a row? 

It’s the same with money as it is in sports and relationships; momentum matters! 

There is negative momentum which is when you feel like whatever you do, it’s never enough to win. 

There is positive momentum which is when you feel like whatever you do; there’s a flow that helps you win. 

If you could decide on your momentum, you would choose positive and financial abundance. 

So, what is it that will work for you? 

How can you shift gears? 

How can you develop momentum that builds from inside and all of your consciousness is in harmony? 

How can you feel rich on the inside and create more richness on the outside? 

What’s stopping you? 

Do you know how? 

That’s the issue! 

Learning the HOW-TO’s for financial abundance? 


There’s enough money for everyone. 

There’s no shortage of opportunities or possibilities. 

What is it? 

All of the business books on the New York Times Best-Sellers List will tell you the same things; a few of these are you need to persevere and you need to be patient. 

IT IS NOT A LACK OF INFORMATION. IT IS A LACK OF HOW-TO’s (that will work for you, personally). 

Let me give you a specific example… 

Steve is one of my client’s wanting financial abundance who had been working for the same company for 10 years. The money was not good but he liked the people (except his boss) and he liked his job. Steve was ready for more challenges and more financial success. He was near the top in his small department and there was little room for growth; professionally and financially. 

Steve was stuck. 

He stayed stuck for over a year and thought about it everyday. He was feeling poor inside and he was not making enough to pay his bills or keep up with the lifestyle he wanted. 

Steve came to me and we worked on several specific self-hypnosis techniques for him and his situation. Steve learned self-hypnosis and was amazed from the beginning at his power to relax, let go of stress and visualize. 

He wanted to apply these skills to financial abundance. He was scared of change, afraid of failing, had no ideas of how to be successful but he knew he had to do something. He was dying on the vine (at work and inside). 

One particular technique that really resonated with Steve was one that I teach called the Committee Meeting Strategy (different techniques reasonate with different people for different reasons but this particular technique really helped Steve have a break-through). 

And, for the first time in his life, he learned how to deal with his own (mixed) feelings. This was like a miracle to him because he had been stuck emotionally since childhood. He was very close to his mother but distant from his father. 

This made it easier to work with women but harder to work with men. This also made him feel more comfortable with his softer sides and less comfortable with being assertive. 

Steve was afraid of change and to some degree afraid of success. 

Unfortunately, he was also afraid of failure. 

Thru the power of self-hypnosis and, specifically for Steve, THANK GOODNESS for the committee meeting. 

He resolved 30 years of feeling mixed up emotionally in 3 hours! What does getting yourself together emotionally have to do with getting your financial abundance together?


After Steve applied the committee meeting to his emotions and review of family history, he applied to work. 

He felt very courageous! 

He took a huge risk and started his own company doing what he had been doing at work but he worked for himself (much better boss), made his own hours (worked smarter and less hours), he started making more money right away (the 1st month) than he had ever made at his job. 

Within 2 years, he was a millionaire, traveling around the world, got into the best relationship of his life (and is happily married now) and he’s still growing his business and himself! 

The latest update is that he has a buyer for his business and may be selling it for 5 million dollars and he gets to keep 20% of the business and revenue. 


The most important thing that Steve did for financial abundance was to take care of himself emotionally and get himself feeling right. 

In other words, THE BUSINESS (inner/emotional) OF STEVE was priority #1! 

With success happening almost immediately, he applied the same approaches to THE BUSINESS (money/abundance) OF STEVE as the next priority #1. And, Steve still uses the self-hypnosis techniques I taught and continue to teach him. 

He is a great example for all of us – that 1st things happen on the inside and then they happen on the outside. 

Yours In Health, 

Dr. Brian Alman

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