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At Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, we believe in the collaborative power of connectivity - mutual inclusivity.  I believe that, as psychologists, our job is to assist others to make a difference in their own lives, and in the spirit of leading from example, it is important for us to connect and collaborate with our colleagues - our noble cause.  I would like to personally extend an invitation to partner with other independent clinicians, to deliver the highest level of service possible to our clients and patients, and to our community in general, demonstrate and set a strong and healthy example.


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology continuously cultivates partnerships with best-in-class firms and psychologists that add value and provide support to businesses and their human resource departments, employees and covered members. 


"We are convinced that to lead in our own lives and make a contribution to our communities we must confront the challenging questions that currently face our society"

Warren Bennis


No matter where you practice, you can see more clients as a member of our professional family - not just referrals to your website, but more paid appointments.  Anton Counseling & Health Psychology welcomes your interest in joining our growing family of independent clinicians.


Utilize our 24 hour/day receptionist and easy-access online scheduling system to make it easier on yourself, your friends and families, clients and patients. Collaboratively, we facilitate stronger mental health, more succesful clinicians and happier lives with more strength and satisfaction in our communities.


I believe this opportunity is ideal for a Psychologist or Social Worker, already in private practice, with a desire to collaborate and create a strategic alliance, share resources and increase the quality of your business practice. In addition, if you are a provisional psychologist, we may also be able to collaborate. I provide supervision if you already have clients you are seeing, and may also be able to offer limited clients and office space too. Unfortunately, internships are not available unless you hold a provisional psychologist status. 


Please accept my personal invitation to join our family of clinicians.  Please initiate the process by e-mailing your CV, practice permits, proof of insurance, etc. expressing your interest to Anton Counseling & Health Psychology



Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed licensed psychologist

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