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Lea Gardin, M.EdAs Lea has worked with most individuals during challenging times, she feels that a respectful and trusting relationship will help the client build strong coping skills and encourage positive change.  As her counseling philosophy is based mostly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she believes that optimistically restructuring thoughts will help shape healthy behaviors and build confidence.   


Lea understands that children and teen-agers often view life from different perspectives than adults do, and she encourages them to think and behave uniquely in appropriate ways. As thoughts shape behaviors, Lea encourages individuals to challenge themselves to build a happier frame of mind.


Lea also has worked with individuals in their workplaces following a stressful event (i.e., downsizing, death of a colleague).  She helps clients to understand that their physical and mental reactions are mostly normal responses to abnormal events and she supports their healthy adjustment to life, following the experience.

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