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"Leadership assessments & other Psychological assessments can assist you to get back on track or to get ahead of schedule by discovering more about your uniqueness, about your own identity and integrating that knowledge into your own real life situations."
 Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed


The Psychological Coaching Advantage


We seek to add value to you & your organization in ways that typical leadership training does not address. Courses and workshops are training mechanisms that can be valuable in terms of initial learning, but often fall short in enabling leaders to reach their full potential. A psychological approach allows us to help you realize more value:

o Follow-up: Research shows that we forget most of what we learn in courses unless we return to the content repeatedly and practice, truly developing new skills (as opposed to learning about them).

o Time: Courses are typically too short to entrench new behaviors. It takes time and repetition to ensure that new habits “take”. Therefore, this program lasts (on average) 6 months to allow leaders to truly develop new skills. From a practical perspective, efforts also fit better into leaders’ schedules as they are regular, but not as time-intensive as a course.

o Individual psychology: Generic courses do not address an individual’s experiences and unique psychology. Through the combination of one-on-one orientation/educational sessions, individual confidential coaching sessions and optional group sessions, we help each leader (both individually and as part of a team) to capitalize on their unique strengths and the diverse ways they manifest new skills.

o Strengths-focused Leadership Assessment:

o Focus on Strengths (as opposed to problems only) first ensures we build on a strong foundation. Increasing self-awareness, esteem and confidence ensures a much more constructive approach is taken when conflicts arise.

o A comprehensive Assessments Results Profile is used as an important tool in determining focus for EQ (emotional intelligence) development in the individual coaching sessions. Integration of new strategies and skills into the leader’s day to day leadership, communication and interactions is key to success.

o Personal Accountability: Working with each member of a team separately on their own plan generates personal accountability to take action on specific issues and add further value.




People from around the globe are signing up to ensure that they have received plenty of psychologial assessments aimed at shining a light on more of their strengths. The leadership coaching that I am offering you focuses on understanding your strengths and abilities (using proven and widely used instruments), helping you to explore blind spots and recurring problems that you may be missing or completely avoiding.


You've already got great education behind you. Lot's of knowledge and experience too. However, despite these qualifications, you may continue to find yourself experiencing struggles at work. Perhaps you'd like to avoid any and all potential struggles, or you might be entering into a new position or organization. You might want to develop a new advantage. You might feel left out of the loop. You might feel that people aren't listening to you. Your professional opinions aren't known or respected. Other people might be dominating, taking advantage or even manipulating you.


If you can relate, even a little, you can also do something about it. First, this Leadership Coaching program will provide you with a hint more structure than do typical 1 to 1  mentoring & counselling sessions, primarily due to the addition of psychological strengths-focused assessments. Read about "Coaching Packages we offer." Regardless of whether you're flying high or if you're struggling, "Leadership Coaching" can help.


You know the addage "that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you've got." It's logical. The implication is clear. You need to do something a little different. When you start focusing on something different, like your own underlying strengths, you and others will begin to notice changes. Positive changes or improvements become more apparent to everyone.


Developing Your Leadership Questions


We focus on bringing out your strengths so that you can easily implement them into your daily decisions and interactions with your team and your loved ones. Naturally, we'll focus on and discuss your thought processes, those that are great and require reinforcement, but we will also be able to assist you to rework, reduce or eliminate poor, unproductive thought processes, too.


Today will be the beginning of a great future. Expect your work-related concerns to morph  into work-related strengths. You'll feel more focused, experience better relationships, feel and be seen as assertive and someone with self-confidence. Just book your first appointment here to get started. 


This online course is currently in development. Please check back laterLeadership Online Course

Everyone of us is potentially influencing each other every moment throughout the day. 

Once we start to pay attention to our impact on others and their impact on others, we enter into the leadership realm. Richard W. Anton M.A., B.A., Dip Ed


Leadership worth following, is about having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your communication, emotions and behavior on the way to getting there (Bryant, Kazan 2012)


Leading strategic change in a matrix organization requires a pull strategy that is predicated on leaders’ ability to influence, engage, and motivate in ways that create collective leadership responsibility for outcomes. Often, the first steps toward transformative change are, of necessity, organized and nurtured in the white space of the organization.



Leadership Coaching. It's not just for the Young Guns


As individuals of any age, we will always continue to find ourselves considering how to be more efficient and responsible. The move toward being more responsible, whether moving up and into a new position of management, leadership or managing our extended families are roles that require strategy, tactics, and influence. If you find that managing yourself competently and more efficiently just isn't as simple as it used to be; that you have acquired responsibilities, but you are now questioning and wondering how to get others to be responsible too, consider hiring a personal Leadership Coach for yourself.


These days, many of us hit the gym for regular workouts, run, bike, play golf and tennis. Bolster your strengths by gaining clarity on precisely what they are. Refine your leadership style by focusing in on your leadership sweet spot - where all your strengths converge. I am inserting many therapeutic questions for you to consider. Answer all of them or as many of them as you'd like. Answer all of the questions which resonate with you on an emotional level.


Cultivate Your Leadership


Many of us take at least one business-related course each year, read a book, work with mentors, coaches, and listen to podcasts, etc. Most of these are now expectations and no-longer give us an edge, but only help us stay on par with our colleagues. So, to sharpen our edge or to ensure that we stand out as the right kind of leaders, where do we go? What do we do? Practice being disciplined is an obvious choice. Another potential leverage point, is to hire and work with an Executive Coach.


As such, together, we will focus on you and the strengths that you bring as a new leader. If you are unclear as to what they are, our assessments will highlight these for you. We will also focus on your potential vulnerabilities, so that you can minimize their occurrances and their real impact on others. Striking the right balance of your strengths and vulnerabilities is critical. We'll utilize strenghts-focused assessments to get a measure of your skills, intelligences, and competitive advantages. Finally, we'll draft up your personal "Leadership Campaign Strategy," together. Consider.


“Great talks are always characterized by new, creative and inspirational ideas.”  —Richard W. Anton


You may be in a senior position within your company, however, positions often ask us to "skill up" and require us to take on new perspectives and approaches. There is a saying that "what got you here won't get you there" - Marshall Goldsmith. Meaning, that you are going to need new skills if you want to continue to succeed. Being in a formal position of leadership, does not necessarily equate with knowledge or finesse, when it comes to leadership. To be taken as credible by those we need to influence, we need to carefully attend to relationships, our communications, as well as bottom line results. 


Your Leadership Effectiveness


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  —Jack Welch


The slightest refinement can make the most significant difference in the way you lead. Do you feel the need to be right all the time, even though your most valued relationship is strained? Do you have a drinking problem? Or do you have a thinking problem? Don't wait until your situation is dramatically obvious. Be proactive and engage in "life long learning."


Being your best means, continuously improving your game. You may respect those you work with, but are you also respecting yourself? "If you're going to play with the best, you've got to tweek your engine." PGA golf professional 


Consult your Psychologist or a professional coach and get everything where it needs to be. This means tuning up YOU - your engine - as it were. This can be easier said than done, but engaging in a creative process, where you are helped to remember and learn from the past, then to re-focus upon your strengths, just might prove invaluable.


Bi-monthly meetings can focus on your communication, your network and on freeing up energy that is currently being held back by underlying emotionally-laden issues. Developing your own personal Leadership Strategy and utilizing strengths-focused assessments can focus your attention and energy in order to maximize your efforts and to be more competitive. Together we can improve the probability that you will think, feel and behave like the leader that you really are. When the best returns aren't just measured in dollars, get in touch with your inner "leader legend."


If business manaagement is to be a profession, then it must be characterized by the hallmark of any profession: dedication to the public good. The central theme of any true profession is ministry to the people (Vannevar Bush).......The successful executive is a builder of people who are bigger than they know and served better than they dreamed. Harry Levinson


Are you driven to improve? Being competitive means being your best and making smart decisions, not merely exerting force. A display of arrogance, for example, is not clear communication. We work with professionals who really care about the people in their lives, "who want to be more successful, but not only as measured by the dollars in their bank accounts. Think beyond your wallet to the influence you can wield for positive change, the impact you can have in arenas that matter to you, and the legacy you can leave behind after you move on."  Denise Brosseau


"Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another"- John C Maxwell


Whether Executive Coaching starts with a potential derailment situation, as part of a corporate-wide change management initiative, or sheer individual ambition, over the course of the next 12 months, we will cover a specifically customized, yet critical range of situations with one common goal: your competitive development, both personal and professional.  Executive Coaching will provide you with, in addition to a competitive edge, a regular, focused, time for reflection, without interruptions.


"We bet on people with energy and brains and integrity.......The unusual person will jump out at you and it isn't because they have 200 IQs or anything like that, it's really because of how they behave and what they bring.  The energy they bring; the commitment they bring; the quality of how they do things; how they treat the people around them and all kinds of things.......If you get the best out of people around you, that is a rare talent that doesn't correlate with IQ.  It correlates with an attitude towards the world and towards other people.......You don't have to show up other people.  You don't have be smarter than they are.  You want to bring out the best in them, and it will pay huge dividends".  Warren Buffett


The bottom line

Executive Coaching is about increasing your effectiveness,

both at home and at work, to bring out the best in everyone



Learning and self-development are not one-shot deals, but should extend over a lifetime. You are more likely to maintain your effectiveness and achieve your goals if you have a system for aligning your experiences, and reviewing your strengths, in regular, supportive, yet challenging disucssions. Articulate new developmental goals and revise your action plan. Together we'll clarify barriers and supports around the changes you want to make, and revise your action plan as necessary.  Following these steps will greatly increase the liklihood of continued success.


As a manager, you can have significant influence in your immediate environment simply by making the quality of connections a priority, using various strategies to set an example for others and to coach those you manage. J.E. Dutton


Effective leaders know that it takes committed effort, practice, and energy to perfect their leadership skills, therefore they consistently re-assess and look to advance their knowledge and skills. General Colin Powell was asked about this himself, and he said that one of the tenets of a good leader is to never stop learning. He went on to say that among the leadership lessons he had learned, "the impact of making time for practicing good leadership was the most important. If you want to be great at anything, whether it’s playing bridge, playing the piano, playing sports, or being a leader, sustained effort, deliberate practice, and good coaching are required". General Colin Powell


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