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Six Components


  1. Introduction to Leadership What is Leadership & the skills?
  2. What do you already know? What's your motivation? Why be a leader?
  3. What do you bring? How can you develop? It's about self-awareness.
  4. How can you be more effective? What are your goals now?
  5. Leadership is about influence
  6. What do you hope to create that will outlast you?


Being Now


Begin by considering a different kind of thinking. One that arises from a connected psychological state. It is not something that you think about and comprehend. It is insight that you will be able to translate into thought. Much like a visual artist might translate a vision into a marvelous paintiing.


Thought happens so quickly (compared to painting) that we commonly equate insight with thought, but insight-derived thought is day-and-night dirrerent from ordinary thinking. To flip from driviing results to attracting the future, we have to flip into this connected state, which also flips our relationship to time.

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