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What is the "leadership zone" and how can I experience it?


First, the "leadership zone" can be described as a state of being. It is about your "self-identity" - how you think and feel about yourself. But do not think that this is about "faking it until you make it." We are talking about a deep, somewhat unconscious sense. Developing a leadership identity involves an authentic inner self that you have cultivated and created, as well as authentic relationships that you have influenced throughout your own personal and professional development.


Perhaps, most importantly, is what you need to do to experience the "leadership zone" for yourself. I prefer to practice a discipline such as meditation. Others practice mindfullness. Yet others "knit" their way into it. It is a "practice" not a concept for you to understand. That's important. But what you practice can be unique to you.


It could be a series of practices. Morning meditation. Mid-day run. Ten to 15 minutes of an inspirational read. Freestyle writing or journaling about your life and work. Weekly consltations with a leadership coach.


How do I maintain my leadership zone while  working in a highly competitive environement where colleagues are frequently attempting to influence, leverage or manipulate others, or are merely protecting themselves and their egos? The quick response is to practice. Efforts purposed to help you to stay fixed on cultivating your leadership zone, strengthening it, growing it so that it is with you more frequently and remains with you longer are all efforts aimed at a worthwhile lifelong endeavor.

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