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Making Peace With Chronic Pain - A Whole-Life Strategy


Millions of people suffer through day after day of chronic pain, and if you are among them, Marlene Hunter, M.D. provides a powerful new approach to controlling its impact on your life. Making Peace with Chronic Pain is neither a book of magic tricks or quick fixes. What it does offer you are realistic and effective plans for dealing with pain.

The author lays out a comprehensive strategy to cope with pain in several stages:

Identification. If you understand the connection between physical pain and psychological pain, you can use this knowledge to help break that connection, allowing you to maintain a sense of well-being - no matter what is happening around you.

Modification. By knowing how pain begins, and by recognizing and identifying your personal pain triggers, whether these are people are situations, you are on your way to taking control of your pain and modifying those triggers.

Lifestyle changes. Learn to tailor your relief strategies to your own personality and context - from relaxation or meditation exercises to assertiveness training. Learn why it is important to establish regulated times for eating, sleeping, and other activities.

Medications. Knowing what to expect, which ones to use, and which ones to avoid.

Pain relief techniques. Understand the many ways that are available to relieve chronic pain, such as physiotherapy, relaxation, hypnosis, and the development of new coping skills - and discover which techniques are right for you. 

Taken together, this is a whole-life strategy to help chronic pain sufferers regain some control of their health and redirect their efforts to make peace with their chronic pain - and move on.

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