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Meditation is DisciplinePersonally, I was taught how to practice Transcendental Meditation over 40 years ago. It didn't change my life over night, but I cannot imagine my life without it today. I guess it has had a rather insidious effect on me. I can't say that I noticed that anything great or unsual was happening while I practiced. But I can say without a doubt that throughout my life there were times that I practiced and times that I was too busy to practice. It was during these busier times that eventually life took a turn for the worst and that got me practicing again.


Today I practice many  types of meditation in various ways and settings. I try to make it a discipline and I now allow my life to be guided by the process. I experience my life as a great one. I feel fortunate to have my life almost everyday and I believe that it is a result of my discipline with meditation. I recommend it with my whole heart.


Meditation has calmed  my mind. As a result, my mind makes better decisions and that leads me to my experience. We all want great life experiences, those that we can enjoy and appreciate throughout our lives. That's what meditation has done for me.


Meditation must be practiced if we want to receive these and  other benefits. For example, my mind calmed itself as I said. But it does not stay calm. In fact, if you're anything like me, you enjoy getting psyched up and revved up. Living life in the fast lane is simply exciting. But I try not to live there, in the fast lane. I enjoy it, then meditate at some point, regulating my emotions and physiology back down. It's a healing state and the best one from which I make my most important decisions.


I'd like to share with you 6 stages of development


  1. Introduction to Meditation - it requires patience & practice
  2. Breath Meditation - an easy focus for beginning the discipline
  3. Body Scan Meditation - a more advanced yet fundamental
  4. Practice Meditation with Intention
  5. Meditation on your soul & it's future
  6. Daily Disciplined Practice


 Currently in development. Check back soon

A More Soulful Journey

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