"Meditation, The Great Teacher"

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Meditation, The Great Teacher - Meditation and Mindfulness Course

The Meditation Learning Center - Academy 

Welcomes you to "Meditation, The Great Teacher" and in-depth 8-class course in the exploration of meditation and mindfulness.

This course for those on the meditation path and for those interested in getting on that path. This is a step-by-step guide that thoroughly covers the entire meditation process. With 12 hours of video and 200 pages of handout material. This course takes you through the basic principles of getting a meditation practice started, to the essential practices of concentration and mindfulness and the penetrating teachings on emptiness. We have filled this course with practical explanations and suggestions on these practices and how to use them in today's world. Included in the guide that is a part of this program are 15 self guided meditations to help make your meditation practice and life, more fulfilling and more deeply understood.

What you are about to learn from this course:

  • Detailed instructions on how to meditate
  • Working with meditation objects
  • The many benefits of meditation
  • How meditation relieves stress
  • Meditation as a sleep aid
  • Body Postures used in meditation
  • How to Develop concentration
  • How to use mindfulness in our daily lives
  • Clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts
  • How to go within
  • Working with Our feelings and emotions
  • Understanding the worldly and unworldly









Lesson Two - First things First

In this lesson we will be taking a look at meditation equipment and getting set up with our meditation practice. We will discuss meditation postures and have some demonstrations, We will talk about the places that might be conducive to meditation, Places where to meditate, and we will do it breath meditation as a class. I hope you enjoy please let me know if there are any questions at:










Class 3 - Meditation Objects

This is an interesting class in which we talk about meditation objects, meditation objects being the things that we focus our concentrate upon. There are various objects of meditation that we can use as our primary focus. We will also talk about the two primary types of meditation that being concentration and mindfulness. In this class we also talk about some tricks that we can use to sharpen our concentration.

I hope you enjoy






Class 4 - Stillness and Relaxation

We're gradually getting a little deeper into the practice of meditation. In his class were looking at stillness and relaxation, two very important aspects of the practice. We will be using body scanning to relax the body and we'll talk about how relaxing the body helps calm the mind. We will discuss what is called the monkey mind as well as talk a bit about sleep deprivation and how meditation can help in this area. We will  also look at how meditation can be an aid in helping us relax throughout the day. And we will discuss meta, or what is called lovingkindness. 

Please keep up with the reading material this is perhaps one of the more important aspects of this course. Work with the course and do your meditation practice a little each day and you'll clearly see and understand the benefits.

Thank you for being a part of this program.

Shane Wilson










Class 5 - Distractions

You're sure to find this class  (number five) interesting. Within this class were talking about distractions. Distractions are the things that we literally run into every day. But most of us do not realize that they are they are there let alone the fact that there are different types of distractions. We have worldly distractions and unworldly or mental distractions. We will also talk about the type of distractions that we Love. Such as the ones that make us feel comfortable,  such as TV and computer even Facebook.













Class 6 - Concentration

Concentration is the subject of this next class. We will come to understand what concentration is and how to use what is called the 'hindrances' to our concentration as a tool for us to use and understand in determining whether or not we are concentrated. We will discuss how are worries seem to disappear when there is concentration. Even if it is temporary. We will discuss something called sinking and thinking and we will do an additional breath meditation. Don't forget to practice daily.

Shane Wilson

The meditation learning center












Class 7 - Mindfulness

This is a primary area of this course-mindfulness-in this course are going to investigate the mind at a deeper level than we have to ever done before. We will investigate for areas of the body and mind namely body awareness, feelings, mind states, and mind objects. Mindfulness is in many respects the key to our happiness in life. Mindfulness provides us an opportunity to examine and investigate what comes up for us as an individual. When this is done properly, we realize that are holding on to the aspect of being an individual that does not accept change is what initially causes any kind of discomfort or stress in her life. The result that we come to is that there must be an acceptance in order for us to be happy. This is a large chapter in this book meditation, the great teacher. This is large chapter for reason, because it is very very important that it is understood at a deep level.











Class 8 - Going Within, With Awarness

In this eighth and final class we are taking an in-depth look at who we believe we are and reaching a realization of who we are not. Here were taking a look at practices be on the meditation cushion and how are continual daily practice can benefit our lives. 








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