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Seriously Increase leadership-awareness

Consult your tax accountant: Executive Coaching may be tax deductable for self-employed or consultants.


* Advantage IV (see below) highlights leadership strengths & weakness - 24 sessions

"An important part of the knowledge you need to develop as a leader, is self knowledge. Daniel Goleman considers it an essential part of emotional intelligence. You are unlikely to develop an authentic leadership voice if one of your blind spots is you." Terry R. Bacon author of Elements of Power


"To become a leader then, you must become yourself, become the maker of your own life. But until you come to truly know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in any but the most superficial sense of the word." Warren Bennis



Advantage IV

With a primary focus on enhancing confident leadership performance, 4 strength-based assessments will assist you to understand the details of what makes you, like a great leader, persuasive and effective. Challenge yourself and raise your own performance bar, by improving your awareness, self-confidence, timing and your ability to think and make crucial decisions. Strengths-based assessments can be incredibly insightful and valuable to some, and an added bonus for others.  Build on your own unique strengths to gain clarity of vision, integrate new behaviors and mindsets, and renew your energy to reach greater fulfillment and sustained performance.


Your Leadership Coach will encourage you to consistently demonstrate your strengths - recognized as a badge of honor - and eliminate potential errors related to your weaknesses.  All sessions are reflective & interactive in nature and an opportunity to unwind. Bi-monthly sessions function as strategy sessions for you to consider your values, align your actions, and consider how to position yourself for optimal effectiveness and to insure your accomplishments. Your annual leadership campaign is created, carried out, and accomplished!


For the next 12 months or so, receive a total of 24 one-to-one Leadership Enhancement Coaching sessions (one every other week or so, based on your schedule), integrating the results of 4 Strength-based Assessments, so you can more easily access your newly enhanced level of energy, your focused state of strength - your flow zone!


Receive associated support material in the form of targets for your performance enhancement, session summaries, reminders of your strengths, executive summaries, charts, extra articles of interest, etc. e-mailed to your private inbox.



 Standard outline for one year Executive Coaching protocol


  • 24 In-depth Interviews
    1. explain your position on various real life issues
    2. increase your confidence, inspiration & creativity
    3. initiate your own personal & professional development plan
    4. refine your vision & direction for decision-making
    5. find yourself talking about things you normally don't discuss


  • Executive Summaries, quotes, relevant book excerpts, etc.
    1. sent to your private e-mail

  • 4 Strengths-based assessments
    1. not a problem diagnosis, but information in the form of a 10, 20, or 30 page report
    2. provides you with keener awareness & understanding of your personal strengths
    3. points out potential vulnerabilities or growth opportunities

  • Various assessments highlight your
    1. inner & interpersonal strengths
    2. core values
    3. principles and guiding beliefs
    4. preferences for energizing yourself
    5. strengths and vulnerabilities in decision making
    6. natural leadership abilities
    7. communication style - both strengths and vulnerabilities
    8. preferences to control situations
    9. desire for intimacy and group inclusion
    10. your natural competitive style

  • Ruthless feedback & brain storming on
    1. how to successfullly refine & integrate your strengths
    2. reduce or eliminate potential errors due to weaknesses
    3. wear your strengths like a badge of honor 
    4. daily practice utilizing your strengths


  • Combine all your strengths into your first annual campaign
    1. create
    2. carry out
    3. accomplished!  
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