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Opportunity Knocks! It's Our Choice to Listen or Not to Listen

Kalyn Raphael

Opportunity - it is like a four letter word, with extra letters. Life is a busy thing. We generally don't have the time or energy for all of the things we need to do, let alone to take advantage of an opportunity that may come our way. For some of us, just hearing the word opportunity makes us tired or it causes us to stop listening. After all, doesn't opportunity often mean extra work and effort? 

Many of us would like a break in life. We'd like to get help and have some things shift and change so that we could get ahead or improve our lives. We would welcome a promotion at work, a bonus check, and relief from some of our responsibilities. Who wouldn't appreciate the chance, the opportunity, to make something in their lives easier, more manageable or to just solve some problems? 

Breaks in life do come to all of us. Life is not our enemy; it is not "out to get us" or to make our lives a living hell. Quite the contrary, life is an endless flow of growth and opportunities. When we have problems and challenges in our lives, it isn't the world around us that we need to change - it is ourselves. We need to have a healthy and positive perspective of life in order to recognize life's gifts. The same is true for the gift of opportunity that life brings us. Opportunity is there in our lives every day, but the difference between people who seem like everything works out for them and the people who seem like nothing works out for them is simply in each person's ability to recognize and take life’s gifts. 

Opportunity is a break; a leg up that life offers us. It's our chance to change ourselves so that what we currently experience as a problem or hardships can be transformed into a solution or an easy ship. 

Of course, this comes at a cost because it does take work. Universal laws dictate that there must always be a flow; there must always be an exchange. In order for us to receive, we must also give. In order for us to experience a solution, we must give of ourselves towards receiving that solution. And this is where so many people get lost! Their perspective is that a break in life should mean that they only receive. They miss the key aspect to the flow of this exchange. Life is nothing more than one experience after another. Having money allows us to purchase experiences we desire such as a bigger house or a trip around the world. Relationships allow us to experience love, friendship and sharing. Our hobbies and pursuits in life are nothing but experiences in which we get to know another aspect of life at a closer level. Opportunities are really like guides or angels, pointing us in the direction of experiences that will enrich our lives. The resistance to an opportunity that people have is nothing more than the fear of change or a misunderstanding of what an opportunity really is. 

Accepting an opportunity, including the time and effort involved, brings us to a new, higher level in life. At this new evolved level, we find that our problems transform and we become someone that has a carefree and smooth life. Now our life experiences are more enjoyable because we have begun to work in the flow of life and we have truly opened ourselves to receive the gifts life offers.

No matter how bad our situation seems to be, life always has opportunities available to us. However, we must be willing to see them. While feeling burdened by our worries and problems, it is hard to choose to see these gifts in disguise. Problems are gifts with an unattractive wrapping, but they are gifts nonetheless. It is those things in life that feel like endless problems and those places in life where we feel stuck or helpless that offer the greatest gifts in life. A problem in our lives is just a place in ourselves lacking attention and energy - an experience waiting to be had. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. For example, feeling like you can't get enough done and that there is always so much more to do is a common experience. This is simply an opportunity for us to evaluate our expectations. 

When we are realistic about what we want to get done, we can't experience the disappointment or the overwhelming feeling of never-ending work. Another opportunity in feeling like we can't get enough done is the opportunity to evaluate what is really important to us. We may have a long list of things to do, but wisdom is the ability to decide what is truly most important.

Opportunities are even present in large, challenging situations. A good friend of mine lives in Japan where she is always treated as a foreigner, keeping her from deeply bonding with people. She dreams of having good friends and feeling more comfortable in Japan and she used to feel as though this was a problem with no solution. Her opportunity is to find another way to connect with life by finding what it is that she is truly passionate about, what it is that she truly loves doing. She has discovered that this opportunity provides her the time to explore different interests now. In time, she will find that by taking advantage of this opportunity, by doing what she is passionate about, she will meet many new people and will eventually have all the friendships of which she currently just dreams. 

It is true that finding the time and energy to take an opportunity can be challenging. However, those who find the means to take the opportunity have a special sight themselves. They are able to perceive that opportunity is knocking and that they must open the door, that the gift in the opportunity cannot be missed. Of course, anyone can choose to hold this perspective too - it is simply a choice we all make. 

Opportunity knocks in our lives; it knocks at work and at home - in problems and relationships. Opportunity knocks every day in our life. The question is whether we choose to perceive the knock as a gift being delivered or whether we ignore the knock, allowing ourselves to feel too busy to answer the call.

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