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New Look for Anton Counseling & Health Psychology

"We must become the change we want to see."
- Mahatma Gandhi


The higher purpose our business is built upon is one of embracing "change, growth & evolution" through "connection" and "contribution" with other individuals, organizations and the community. Taking medications, although necessary at times, is an illness marker, not a marker of health.  Our guiding principles or core values begin with "creativity," "trusting your intuition," "considering emotions," "continuous improvement," and "doing the really courageous thing even when it is risky."


Over time, through caring communication, strong, confident relationships emerge. Our service has evolved from sessions with individuals, couples and families to also include Executive or Leadership Coaching (utilizing psychological assessments to provide a positive focus on an individual's strengths), Team Building, as well as our own Employee Assistance Program (Anton's Corporate Enhancement).


Our mission is to assist all of us to be more effective emotionally/internally and externally/interpersonally.  To improve upon the quality of our lives, both at work and at home. Let us nolonger wait for life's challenges to compound and overwhelm us. Let us proactively develop strong, comfortable relationships with trusted Psychologists - start feeling the love.


Our Ideal - We strive to become confident contributors, an influential and compassionate company with integrity.  Never think that your current situation cannot be improved upon. Always strive to improve upon your best and you will exceed expectations. Even the most successful people want happiness, great relationships, job satisfaction, organized thoughts, and to receive support, encouragement and inspiration. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, providing a new essential service to our community's leaders. Get some "me time" today and strategize your future. 



The Power of Anton Counseling & Health Psychology


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology believes that providing you with seasoned coaches and psychologists, although very important, is only one part of a successful experience. The other is ensuring that you have access to convenient locations, timely access to information and support that is meaningful to you, your purpose, goals and desires.


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology has partnered with a host of other companies to answer your call when you're ready (24 HRS/day), to schedule your next appointment from the convenience of your own computer and to pay for your sessions online!

Simply select from a variety of services, coaches, therapists and locations suited to your particular needs. Use Anton Counseling & Health Psychology's website to confidently schedule your appointment online, to view articles, call 24 hours a day, and to connect with your coach or therapist.

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