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Ideal Performance State

IPS is similar to being in the “Flow”. IPS involves all levels of human existence: body, mind, emotions, spirit and creativity. IPS is reached by being in all of the following state:


Flow Relationships - Susan A. Jackson, Patrick R. Thomas, Herbert W. Marsh, Christopher J.Smethurst

The main purpose of this study was to examine psychological factors of potential relevance to athletic flow experiences. A secondary purpose was to empirically examine the relationship between flow and optimal performance.


Peak Performance - Sammy Phua

The issue of peak performance at the elite level involves physical, technical, and psychological components (Harmison, R. J., 2006). Peak performance within elite sport competition often requires continuous information processing, decision making and reaction that are dependent on acquisition of the most relevant visual data from the environment (Harmison, 2006).


PeakingKarlene Sugarman, M.A. 

Updated 01/04/07- I think it is important to talk about peak performances because this is what athletes are trying to achieve and what experts in the field of sports psychology are trying to help athletes and teams obtain. It’s imperative we examine some of the universal characteristics of that best performance. This way you will have more control and awareness about these peak performances.



The preceding recommended reading materials contain valuable information; however, they are MOST effective when used collaboratively with the support of your Coach or Psychologist.

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