Performance Enhancement Program includes:



  • 18 one-on-one Performance Enhancement Coaching sessions
    1. experience support & increase your focus, direction & self-confidence
    2. explain your position, be heard, feel understood
    3. dovetail your customized strategy to your professional development plan


  •  Executive Summaries, quotes, relevant book excerpts, etc.

      1. inspiration sent to your private e-mail

  • 3 Strengths-based assessments
      1. strength-based assessments provide you with information in the form of 10, 20, or 30 page reports
      2. provide you with detailed analysis, keener awareness & understanding of your personal strengths
      3. illuminate potential vulnerabiliites or personal growth opportunities - giving you both inner & outer alignment 

  • Various assessments highlight your
      1. interpersonal strengths
      2. core values & ideal working environments
      3. principles and guiding beliefs
      4. preferences for energizing yourself
      5. strengths and vulnerabilities in decision making
      6. natural leadership strengths
      7. communication style - again both strengths and opportunities
      8. preferences for control, accceptance & inclusion
      9. causes of stress, & strategy to avoid or eliminate stress-related behaviors
      10. your natural competitive style

  • Ruthless feedback & brain storming on
      1. successfullly integrating your strengths - wearing them like a badge of honor
      2. utilizing your strengths more frequently in your daily interpersonal life 
      3. attenuating to weaknesses or capitalizing on personal growth opportunities


Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Executive Coach, Chartered Psychologist


Confidential Service, Convenient Locations,

Professional Atmosphere & Effective Process

Thank you - we respect and appreciate your confidence in us


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