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The common notion of taking bubble baths, going fishing, or hiking the mountains is a cute start to self-care. I love to commune with nature. I feel that it sometimes allows me to feel more soulful. Although these can be valuable first steps, they only take us so far. Depending on "how" we use these activities, they can be more of a distraction, providing us with temporary relief from the "emotional pain" that we're already experiencing, or even a way to escape from life for a little while, just for the fun of it.


You know better than anyone else that it's other people who cause you to "feel" the way that you do, right? That's why this exercise is so valuable and potentially life-altering. We don't live in a bubble, and life definitely does not revolve just around us. It is a complex environment. Each one of us potentially influencing the other at all times. When we start to concern ourselves with our "influence on" not "control over" other people, we start to cultivate or open up the very life we've always wanted.

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