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The most effective and efficient form of coaching is not always in-person.


Phone coaching has become incredibly popular! We can now, effectively get life coaching & career coaching by phone! Actually, coaching done by email, Instant Messenger, and telephone, is not only the most prevalent form of non-athletic coaching in the world, it is considered by many to be more effective than doing the same thing in person. Why?


"Much of [actual coaching] takes place over the phone. Many coaches and their clients have never met face to face. But it may not be the face-time that matters most in managing to get the best out of [clients]."

-- Fortune Magazine

Think about it this way. A sports coach is coaching an individual in a physical activity. It stands to reason that the coach must be able to visually observe the activity and to give immediate feedback. But not even all sports coaching is about the athlete's physical performance -- most of it is mental. And life, career, or business coaching are the most interior of all. The stuff of non-athletic coaching, such as in personal or executive coaching, is precisely the interior life of the individual being coached. How they look as they're doing it, is beside the point. All the motion, all the change, is inside.



Location, Location, Location -- And the Phone Coach

Say it as many times as you want, location still doesn’t matter in coaching. And, in fact, the industry standard is that nearly all coaching is done by phone. What we do when we coach does not depend on our being in the same room as you anymore than you need to be face-to-face with a loved one in order to advance certain types of important conversations. Have you ever discussed values and hurdles over the phone, made decisions, even broken up or gotten back together? Sure. You’ve taken action based on phone conversations that elicited that action.


Similarly, coaches identify goals, examine patterns, listen for excuses, ask for action, and enforce commitments. Can your boss make you jump over the phone with a demand for answers? Sure. Can your parents inculcate guilt over the phone? Of course they can. That’s because what they do in those conversations doesn’t depend on what’s visible. The same is true of coaches in the conversations we have.


In the end, I’d strongly urge you to find a coach with whom you have chemistry and whose style you like and go with your instincts. Restricting your search geographically will greatly reduce the odds of finding just the right fit for you. An in-person coach is also likely to charge more – he or she has to lease an office, among other things.

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Advantages of Phone Coaching


Phone coaching is also arguably even more effective than in-person personal coaching, and for the following reasons:


  • it's more efficient -- no one has to travel, and there's much less of the ultimately wasteful chit-chat that characterizes face-to-face encounters (not to mention waiting in line for coffee)
  • there are fewer distractions to divert either the coach or the client -- instead, we're laser-focused on the substance and delivery of what you say -- and don't say
  • because it's more efficient, it's also less expensive
  • with the global reach of the telephone, you're more likely to find the best coach for you!


The best thing about the new profession of coaching is that its reach is as great as that of the Internet itself. A review of the world of telephonic coaching will spot Canada coaching clients in London, finding their best match with a life coach in New York, and British business coaching clients often fitting best with Canadian business coaches with just the right experience for their coaching needs. With the whole world to choose from, and no limitations on anyone, why would anyone choose to limit their search for the best coach for them?


The best coaching relationship is like a good marriage. It's based in large part on chemistry. And the smaller the net you throw, the lower the chances of having chemistry within that net, so there's only a slight chance that you and your best coach are within traveling distance of each other. Enter the phone coach.


Clients have roadblocks in places they can't even see. We hear these through the client's own reports; we don't follow the client around, of course.


"We must be willing to let go of the life that we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
-- Joseph Campbell

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