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Quality of Life 

The Rhythm of Life - Matthew Kelly 

To not read this book is to rob yourself of a life lived more meaningfully and more passionately. Matthew Kelly is more than a genius. A man with unmatched intelligence and a heart and spirit to match. At the age of 31, he has the clarity, wisdom, and insight to break through directly to the heart of the matter and enlighten us with the truth. Life is not about doing and having. Life is about being. 'Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or what you have.'


For your convenience, purchase this book online at amazon.ca


Take Time for Your Life - Cheryl Richardson 

Personal Coach Cheryl Richardson helps people create the lives they want. In Take Time for Your Life, she shows you how to switch from being stressed, unfulfilled, and overworked, to "living a life you love" by using a seven-step process.


For your convenience, purchase this book online at amazon.ca


Goodbye To Shy: 100 Shybusters That Work! - Lowndes, Leil 

As a renowned speaker on interpersonal relationships, Leil Lowndes is most often asked about shyness and how to get over it. Goodbye to Shy is her direct response, with 100 easy-to-follow techniques gleaned from clinical studies, research, and Lowndes'' own experience. Her refreshingly practical system is filled with "do it now" tips to help you deal with social situations, sweaty palms, voice control, and overall self-confidence.


For your convenience, purchase this book online at chapters.indigo.ca


The Art of Friendship: 70 Simple Rules for Making Meaningful Connections - Roger Horchow & Sally Horchow 

The frantic pace and casual attitudes of modern life have made real friendship a rare experience. The Art of Friendship shows how making true connections can greatly enhance one's life. Seventy brief essays present simple but effective "rules of connecting" with action points to help you put each rule into practice in daily life. Recognizing that friendships take many forms, the authors offer practical, proven advice that demystifies the process of making friends. Whether your goal is to start a new relationship or reinvest in a longstanding friendship, this inspiring book will reveal how you can build more meaningful connections in your life.


For your convenience, purchase this book online at amazon.ca


What Should I Do with My Life? - Po Bronson 

Po Bronson tells the inspirational true stories of people who have found the most meaningful answers to that great question. With humor, empathy, and insight, Bronson writes of remarkable individuals—from young to old, from those just starting out to those in a second career—who have overcome fear and confusion to find a larger truth about their lives and, in doing so, have been transformed by the experience.


For your convenience, purchase this book online at chapters.indigo.ca

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 The following recommended reading materials contain valuable information; however, they are NOT a substitute for professional advice. Please consult your Psychologist or qualified mental health care professional.


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