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The whole is more than the sum of it's parts - Artistotle


Is there something I can do to help my relationship?


The quick and easy answer is absolutely. You may love your role in your family, but find that there is conflict between you and your spouse. You may feel lonely, misunderstood, or both. Sounds like a relationship issue. We connect with others and relationships are maintained through our ability to communicate with each other, and so as we begin to look for underlying issues, we can easily see communication as a potential struggle. Sometimes neither person feels heard, assumptions escalate and the emotional quality of the relationship deteriorates. If you'd like to discuss effective communication strategies, click here to schedule your initial appointment.


If you are concerned about stress or anxiety, anger or a difficult work environment, or perhaps you just want to change your ability to reframe your thoughts and refocus on the positive in life, DO NOT wait, schedule an appointment to talk, by clicking here.


Life is about changing, learning, and evolving  Telephone Coaching


Communication doesn't always begin at our lips. It can be initiated with our ears. This realization came to me after many years of practice as a Psychologist and as a husband. Active listening is easy to understand, hard to do, and is the essential key to any quality relationship. If this is a struggle for you or if you're thinking that there's got to be more going on, I'm happy to discuss this issue with you. Begin by booking your first appointment right here. Note: if anger is getting in the way, please bring this to my attention, too. It's not couples counselling, but I have an effective program that can help.


For some of us, being afraid of losing a prised position within our families is a very realistic & logical concern. Significant personal changes may be required. Here's an important consideration - "how can we maintain a strong personality and be vulnerable for our spouse?" It's complicated to be sure, but you can handle it. If you'd like to consult, start by clicking here.


For others of us however, we may be faced with the difficult yet important emotional decision of whether to remain in our current relationship or to cut our loses and move forward. Future relationships are at risk of similar struggles unless you are willing to make some changes yourself. In other words, relationship struggles are never just about one person or a poor fit. Regardless of the  specifics of your concerns, we're here to assist you. Book your first appointment by clicking here.


Your situation is unique

A clear headed decision is required

Today's decisions will create your future?


So how does a responsible person make their most personal relationships work successfully? The essential ingredient is "self-awareness." With improved self-awareness we become better positioned to be able to learn through daily observation and experience, what our partner thinks, feels, and really needs to be happy. I think that we need to be realistic with our own needs too. Unless we get our needs met, it could be very difficult to maintain our motivation and to maintain our efforts with a spouse.


evolving relationships


Making an effort to be responsible does not have to mean showing another how unreasonable they are behaving. It likely doesn't mean escalating the situation either. Being responsible in family relations can be challenging and might suggest allowing others to find solutions to their own issues. Often, however, we just need to practice developing a greater proficiency with a few new skills. We can talk about these and other concerns you have. Making an initial appointment can be a very good decision. 


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