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It pays to invest in employee health. Here's how Anton Counseling & Health Psychology can save you about $5 or $6 for every dollar you spend on EAP. (1)
Lower the Cost of Stress  

Job stress costs US industry up to $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, workplace violence, and direct medical, legal and insur­ance fees. (2) An EAP is one of the most effective ways to reduce these significant costs.


Reduce Turnover 

Recruiting, replacement and training costs vary, but may be between 50 and 150 percent of an employ­ee's annual salary. (3) An EAP can improve employee retention by helping supervisors address employee performance issues and by helping employees manage personal problems affecting their work.


Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction 

Personal problems often negatively impact job performance. By assisting employees with personal issues, professional challenges, and emotional problems, an EAP can help members and their families lead healthier lives at work and at home.

Decrease Absenteeism and Sick Leave 

After implementing an EAP, organizations often report significant declines in absenteeism, sick leave and workers' compensation claims. This is because the EAP quickly gives employees the resources and support they need and desire.


Increase Management Effectiveness 

Many managers ignore obvious warning signs that an employee needs help - leaving employee problems improperly addressed. With an EAP, supervisors learn effective ways to address an employee's personal problems and performance issues. They also learn how and when to refer employees to the EAP.


Improve Organizational Efficiency 

The Client Services that come with Anton Counseling & Health Psychology's standard EAP solutions help companies improve performance and productivity while streamlining operations.



Reduce Risk of Litigation 

An EAP can also reduce the risk of litigation. It helps employees respond effectively to workplace harassment or discrimination, and it helps supervisors know how best to intervene in difficult situations before employees seek legal action.


Decrease Risk of Violence in the Workplace 

Nearly two million people a year are victims of violence or threats in the workplace. (4) Workplace violence is often related to alcohol or drug abuse, job-related stress or domestic abuse. EAPs can play a key role in preventing workplace violence by promoting violence prevention resources and providing consultation for employees who are stressed or are involved in an abusive relationship.



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