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Return on investment (ROI) for employee assistance  programs has been studied repeatedly.  Positive return on investment has been reported in the Personnel Journal, February 1993, Vol.72, No.2, where McDonnell Douglas Corp. was quoted as saying:

We have data for the cost of troubled employees, based upon productivity, health care use, disability and worker’s compensation costs, and we have data for their impact on the bottom line. We factor in the cost of the (EAP) program and the cost of treatment. We subtract the cost savings revealed by people who have used their EAP. We’ve tracked the cost of the EAP program and we know that we have saved money.

Return on investment has been identified as varying between $2.00 to as high as $64.00 for every dollar spent.  Anton's EAP will positively impact upon your human resource costs: absenteeism, health care, litigation, damage, theft, productivity, turnover, retraining, accidents, lost business, customer relations, short and long term disability, conflict, team functioning and morale.

Successful organizations view their EAP as an important contributor to the success of their business and as a valuable benefit for their employees. Employers are convinced that EAP makes a difference. Why?

Organizations recognize that having the ability to provide a troubled employee with timely and appropriate psychological information results in reducing the financial and human costs associated with an employee who is not fully functioning. Valuable employees have been assisted in dealing successfully with issues that threatened their health, relationships, energy and ability to contribute strongly in the workplace.

Anton's EAP will successfully integrate with your organization’s other employee support systems with programs and services that include wellness, coaching, leadership consultations, critical incident response, assessment, counseling and referral.  Anton's EAP will add value to your company. Employees welcome this benefit, they use it, and they report consistently in impact surveys that the EAP made a difference in their lives, and in the quality of their work.

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