Richard W. Anton MA, BA, Dip Ed

Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip EdRichard's therapeutic style is steeped in positive psychology and involves a strength-based coaching approach, including the use of strength-based assessments to provide you with objective and practical feedback. As such, he works with you to uncover your strengths and utilize those strengths to face personal or professional challenges.


As in sports psychology, Richard may also use hypnosis or suggest visualization, for a range of situations where you want to feel more focused, practice maintaining your performance while stressed or challenged and perform at  a very high level of confidence.


Richard's experience with individuals and couples has lead him to develop his leadership approachself-care and personal responsibility as the foundation on which personal & professional success and happiness is built.  Accepting, encouraging, challenging and inspiring you to work together with others to create the type of emotional and interpersonal experiences you desire; to create the person you can respect.


  • Know that I will attempt to have a positive influence on you, as this is one of my core values and goals. This is an important aspect of my personality and not just an expectation of my profession.
  • Personal growth and professional development are concepts that I prize, so you can expect that I will encourage you in both of these areas.
  • Another one of my core goals is to coach you to overcome obstacles, assisting you in becoming the best possible version of yourself  RWA
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