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The science of Psychology shows us that it is valuable to talk about things that bother us. However, the art of Psychology can assist us to balance and integrate the negative life experiences we have with a focus on the positive things that we also experience. Working with this dynamic balance is often referred to as therapy. You talk with a counselor, psychologist or coach. You work on resolving your past and engaging in your future. This is the nature of recovery.


Here is an exercise that can assist you to balance your positive/negative life dynamic.


Look in the mirror. Clearly you instantly recognize yourself. But how well do you really know the person who’s reflected back to you? For instance, could you answer the following questions? Reflect on these, come up with the best answers you can, and write about them. Alternatively, come in and talk about them.


  • How does this person think?
  • What does this person find meaningful?
  • What is this person passionate about?




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