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Here is  a reminder that once, we all were innocent children, but as time went on, pressure was put on us, and we began to be told the way things 'should' be.


Others made demands on you, but you began to have expectations and made demands on yourself, too. 


So ask yourself these questions:


Are you hard on yourself?


Do you feel that you're not good enough?


Do you call yourself names?


Do you judge yourself harshly and make too many demands? 


You have grown up physically but that little child is still there. And that child, and all children, deserve to be loved and cared for. 


Here's a quick exercise to finding your inner child and start loving yourself again,


 1) Find an old childhood photo of yourself


2) Think of the things you say to your adult self 


3) Stare at the picture of your younger self. Can you say what you've been saying to this child??


4) What would you tell this child (your younger self?) instead of what you've been saying


If you wouldn't say mean things to others, don't say them you yourself.


You deserve to treat yourself with kindness.


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