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What is your competitive edge?


Focus - on the right thing at the right time.  This is essential to successful performance. Improved self-awareness, sharpening your personal decision-making style and enhancing your interpersonal patterns, will give you greater potential control over how, when and in what ways you express your talents. Consider "why" you want enhanced performance. Click below to consider. 


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The purpose of the following 18-session protocol is to target your performance strengths and weaknesses.  This will be the first step in improving your ability to perform effectively under pressure. "The first mistakes we make under pressure situations, is decision-making"Peter Kostis, CBS golf commentator. We can assess your focus & action orientation, your willingness to take risks and push limits, your drive to influence others, as well as your Interpersonal & Leadership Style and then strategize how to integrate them into your real life situations!


Keep in mind that any performace enhancement program requires commitment, dedication, and time.  Meaningful changes do not happen overnight.  World-Class performers focus their energies on improving performance by eliminating mistakes in high pressure situations.  We'll give you the information you need to take your performance to the next level.


Performance Coaching


If winning isn't everything, why keep score?


Finding your flow, getting into your zone, living in your element and finding your tribe. Although each is slightly unique from the other, each one is leading us, helping us to cultivate an emotional life that allows us to feel happy and to succeed. As the pressures to perform increase and as the technical and tactical skill levels of the competitors even out, psychological variables continue to play an increasingly more important role in distinguishing winners from losers.  An individual cannot become a world-class athlete in today’s highly competitive environment without having both physical and psychological talent. Justin Thomas, 2017's FedEx Cup winner reported that the difference for him this season was that he was just mentally stronger than he was in previous years. He's been playing smarter golf and controling his emotions just a little better.


Helping individuals perform under highly competitive conditions or in high-stress environments other than sport (e.g., business, and the military) is a logical extension of the services sport psychologists offer.  Nideffer, Sagal, Lowry, Bond

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