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Ideal Performance State - The ideal performance state (IPS) in sports or Peak Performance for athletes is the optimal physiological and pyschological level of arousal measured by muscular tension, heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave patterns and breathing composure that results in peak performance


Identifying and Developing World-Class Performers Nideffer, Sagal, Lowry, Bond

The role of assessment in helping to identify and develop world-class performers has never been more important. The fact that the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) has commissioned a book on the psychological preparation of elite-level athletes indicates two things:


What Is Hypnosis & How Does Hypnotherapy Work? - Dr. Hilary Jones

Within science, there is no debate as to whether hypnosis exists or works. Science simply cannot agree on what it is and how it works.....


Unconscious Decision Making


Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain - Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., Dabney Ewin, M.D.

This guide teaches chronic pain sufferers how to control their pain on their own. Author Bruce Eimer demystifies hypnosis and explains how to use a variety of proven techniques, including deep relaxation, distorting pain sensations to deintensify them, and disconnecting from pain.


For your convenience, purchase this book online at


Deep Breathing for Depression - Davis M. Eselman, & McKay, M.

This is a very powerful technique that has helped many to win the war on depression.


Headache, Hypnosis and Stress - Larry Deutsch, M.D.

It's time you considered what hypnosis can do for you.


Relaxation Therapy Controls High Blood Pressure - Yen, Lee-Lan, et al.

Deep relaxation, meditation, guided visualizations or hypnosis can help you reduce medication reliance and maintain healthy blood pressure.


Mind Over Platter it Really Does Matter - Larry Deutsch, M.D.

Hypnosis can help you to perform and increase your success with weight.


Against the Migraine - Susanne Lazanov

"Using visualization people learn to focus on the pain and visualize it getting bigger and then smaller," she said.


Hypnosis as a Modulator of Cellular Immune Disregulation During Acute Stress - Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser, Phillip T. Marucha, Cathie Atkinson, and Ronald Glaser

Hypnotic participants were, on average, protected from the stress-related decrements that were observed in control participants in the proliferative responses of their PBLs to Con A and PHA and participants' percentages of CD3+ and CD4+ T-lymphocytes.


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The preceding recommended reading materials contain valuable information; however, they are NOT a substitute for professional advice. Please consult your Psychologist or qualified mental health care professional.


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