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Identifying Times of Stress


When you pay attention to those times when you consistently experience stress, you gain valuable information. As you get good at noticing stressful moments, you can begin to ask yourself what you were thinking, doing, or feeling just prior to feeling stressed.


It's important to begin to recognize when you are feeling stressed.


  1. Tune in to times when you are feeling stressed. Become aware of times of the day or situations that tend to leave you on edge, revved up, or highly emotional. Pay particular attention to times when you experience anxiety, anger, and shame, which often occur along with the stress response.
  2. Choose three or four times during the day (say in the shower, after a meeting, or before bed) to stop and ask yourself, "Am I stressed?"
  3. Pay attention to your symptoms of stress, such as a racing heart, muscle tension, inability to concentrate, worried thoughts, or shaking hands.
  4. Make a list of times during the day that you felt stressed.


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Stress is energy and can be monitored and regulated in some way, every day, several times per day. We would be pleased to consult with you on this or any other concern you may have. I've heard that if we were to ever find ourselves in quicksand, that we shouldn't fight against the pull of the sand. The same could be true regarding stress management. Ideally, rather than fight, we rely upon healthy habits that we've been practicing. Create a bag full of stress management activities: Daily rituals that assist us back into our own "personal zone." Let's discuss your practice of an outstanding ritual.


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