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Are you a relentless taskmaster? Do you push yourself hard, endlessly, to the point of break-down or blow-up? Clearly you have drive. You have passion. Desire. What you may be missing is what many professional athletes take for granted - self-care and strategic planning. They rest themselves, then stretch themselves (like a rubber band), building up momentum that they utilize (like an extra gear) to get their best performance or to excede previous levels of performance. Then they rest and recouperate again. They cycle through this process over and over building their performance levels each time. 


If this describes you and you are tired of this negative cycle that you put yourself thorough, but want to maintain or improve your performance, consult your Psychologist. Many athletes today train their brain or work on their mental approach to their sport, many executives and entrepreneurs are doing the same. Perhaps you can benefit as well.  


Stress is energy and should be monitored and regulated in some way, every day, several times per day. We all experience stress and pressure in certain situations - it's how we respond to it that makes the difference. We would be pleased to consult with you on this or any other concern you may have. I've heard that if we were to ever find ourselves in quicksand, we shouldn't struggle. The same is true when we find ourselves experiencing stress.


Ideally, we simply go to our big bag full of decompression activities, daily rituals that assist us back into our own "personal zone."


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Meditation is an effective discipline  

If you are interested in the potential benefits 

one-to-one meditation coaching

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Reading, podcasts, and general education can be informative, but should not take the place of Psychologist-prescribed treatment for a potential mood disorder. If you're looking to decompress and to lift your mood, psychological therapy may act as natural mood enhancer.  


In a 2010 study of 82 college students, researchers found that those who took part in three one-hour mindfulness meditation sessions had greater improvements in mood compared to those who were assigned to a sham meditation training or a control group. Mindfulness meditation was also found to be more effective in reducing fatigue and heart rate. 


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