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Stress Facts for Organizations to Consider


  • The direct cost of absence due to stress for companies with 100,000 employees is annually estimated to be from $10-12 million for the retail sector, to $18-25 million for the transportation and communications sector. This includes cost of absence, replacement costs and lost production. However, if indirect costs such as reduced customer satisfaction and lower productivity are included, these costs would escalate substantially.
              "Less Stress, More Value", Henderson Global Investors; 2005 Survey of
               Leading UK Employers

  • 47% of employed Canadians reported "a great deal of stress at work"
               Ipsos-Reid Survey 2000

  • Nearly 10% of the gross national product of the UK is lost due to work-related stress, through sickness absence, high labour turnover, lost productivity value, increased recruitment and selection costs, and medical costs.
               Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace Mind, May 2005

  • Stress claims rose 30% between 1996 and 1998

  • Most companies spend 2% to 3% of their payroll on short- term disability claims, half of which might be stress- related.
                Watson Wyatt

  • 5% of white-collar workers and 40% of blue-collar workers in Canada have had a stress-related absence in the past year
                 Homewood Health Centre, Guelph, Ontario

  • Work hours increased 8% in one generation and averages 47 hours per week. One worker in 5 works 49 hours per week

  • Workers fearful of losing their jobs more than doubled over the past decade
                 National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health/National Institute
                 of Health/99

More Stress Facts for Organizations to Consider

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