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In twenty-five years of broadcasting NHL playoffs, I still point to the 1991 Battle of Alberta as the most ruthless test ever. Within that violent, intimidating vortex, Fleury swerved and darted and engineered goals that are replayed to this day.....He was welcoming. He was fair. But what makes him such a fascination is that he stuck to his game outside the rink. His team was not defined by a uniform. And if you ever felt the warm embrace of his way, you'd know he wanted you in his game. Ron MacLean


We work with organizations who really care about their employees. Cultivate your people and others will envy your company. Value the individuals on your teams & your teams will out perform your expectations. Don't build teams - build up your employees.


I used to believe in biology, not chemistry.  Give me big and strong and fast. But after twenty years, I'm a big believer now in club chemistry.......You almost always have it when you win; and oftentimes it is team chemistry that leads to winning....... make no mistake; when we build teams, we build them with an eye on chemistry; because we know how destructive the opposite can be.  Larry Lucchino, President and CEO, Boston Red Sox


Gaining a competitive edge in today’s global market requires, NOT building a team but, designing a team where the strengths of each individual team member are clearly understood, appreciated and focused in a collaborative effort. How a team works as a whole is the over-all gestalt that is seen, but it is the individuals themselves that make up the team and that determines success. As has been said many times before, a well-designed and coordinated team that communicates and collaborates well, typically achieves better results than individuals working in competition, alone or in parallel.



 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin


Peter Neufeld, director of organizational development and talent management for Husky Injection Molding Systems, says the MBTI sessions have been effective at both the individual and team levels.  "It's helped them to understand each other better because it normalizes people's preferences - when you can attribute differences to a type, rather than to a person, it helps people accept difference."


The MBTI instrument crosses cultures and provides a common language.  An extrovert in Shanghai might not look exactly like one in the U.S., but they have similar ways of communicating.


Increase employee and team effectiveness and promote success throughout the enterprise. Full-day Teambuilding for groups of 6 to 10 individuals include:


  1. Individual interviews with each team member and team leader (pre-work)
  2. Administration of the EQ or MBTI Assessment (pre-work)
  3. Potential one-on-one feedback sessions
  4. Off-site teambuilding session, which includes:
    1. Morning refreshments and expectations talk
    2. Overview, purpose of workshop, and individual EQ or MBTI results
    3. Icebreakers
    4. EQ or MBTI handouts
    5. EQ or MBTI activities and team discussions
    6. Team Analysis & Reflection activities
    7. EQ or MBTI team results interpretation
    8. Action Planning
    9. Wrap-Up
  5. Potential team follow-up meeting 


Benefits of using the EQ & MBTI assessment tool in teambuilding:

  • Is easy to use and cost-effective
  • Is well researched, reliable, and valid
  • Offers a logical model of the consistency of human behavior
  • Provides neutral and affirmative language to deal with differences
  • Emphasizes the value of diversity
  • Identifies assets and blind spots of teams and team members
  • Helps clarify the fit between people and their jobs
  • Is used worldwide
  • Can be applied to six core issues that affect teams (communication, team culture, leadership, change, stress, and problem solving/conflict resolution)


More than 10,000 companies, 2,500 colleges and universities and 200 government agencies in the United States use the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), the Gold Standard of team building tools.


From the State Department to McKinsey & Co., it’s a rite of passage. It’s estimated that 50 million people have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test since the Educational Testing Service first added the research to its portfolio in 1962.


Fee schedule for EQ or MBTI teambuilding programing



Valuable Reading on Teams and Leadership


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