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"Sometimes I feel sad, lonely, upset, confused. Generally depressed."


We don't need to feel alone anymore. We can talk, text, or both. No matter where we are in the world, just book an initial appointment and we're off and running. Just book your first appointment here to get started. 



Richard W. Anton, MA, BA, DipEd

Executive Leadership Coach & Licensed Psychologist 

Here's How . . . 


  • Click "Book On-line" to create your call time and I will call you, OR
  • Call my toll free number to book your appointment
  • Make a note or inform reception to make a note that this will be a phone session!
  • I will call you back at the time and number that you leave when you book
  • Easy payments with your Visa or Master Card

Note for Telephone Coaching: This may be an international call. You will be contacted at the telephone number that you have provided us at the time of your appointment (Mountain Standard Time).


Here's what you'll receive:


1. Opportunity to tell your story

  • explain your position, feel heard & understood,
  • be supported & encouraged,
  • feel good about receiving new ways of thinking about things,
  • steel your personal degree of confidence, and
  • as a take-a-way, have a refined direction for all further action.



Get your sessions one at a time OR get your "strengths-focused" psychological assessments and sessions all together








2. Strengths-based assessments

  • you are likely under-utilizing your most valuable strengths,
  • not a problem diagnosis, but information in the form of a 10 - 15 page report,
  • provide you with a keener awareness and understanding of your personal strengths,
  • point out potential vulnerabiliites.


4. Various assessments highlight your

  • interpersonal strengths,
  • core values,
  • principles and guiding beliefs,
  • preferences for energizing yourself,
  • strengths and vulnerabilities in decision making,
  • personal leadership abilities,
  • communication style - again both strengths and vulnerabilities,
  • preferences to control situations,
  • desire for intimacy, and group inclusion.


5. Personal coaching on

  • how to successfullly integrate your strengths,
  • attenuating to your weaknesses,
  • utilizing your strengths more frequently in your daily interpersonal life.


Fees for personal coaching "by phone!"



Benefits of Telephone Coaching


  • You prefer talking on the phone rather than-in-person
  • Talk from the privacy of your cell phone, home, or office
  • Save time and money commuting to and from appointments
  • Convenient if you travel or live in a remote area
  • Convenient if you suffer from a physical or emotional disability
  • Convenient if you feel uncomfortable in a therapist’s office
  • Click "Book On-line" to create your telephone consultation or appointment
  • Call my toll free number to book your appointment at 1-888-655-5495
  • Remind the operator to make a note that this is a telepone session!
  • I will call you back at the time and number that you leave when you book
  • Easy payments with your Visa or Master Card
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